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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (0)

May 31, 2021 • Category: Focus Editorial, This Month's Cover

Sunday 6 June

Vincent Donovan was a missionary in Africa, among the Maasai people. A member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritans, he was ordained in 1952 and went to Tanzania in 1965. Part of his ministry was to go from village to village to celebrate the Eucharist.… More

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Daily Reflections

  • Saturday19 June
  • 2 Corinthians 12:1-10; Ps 34;
    Matthew 6: 24-34

    Worrying about tomorrow?

    We are tiny beings in a turbulent universe. And on the little piece of it, known to us as Mother Earth, we are not protected from either natural disasters or the chaos caused by human stupidity.… More

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Fr Ipolito Bakaua Teburea SM (0)

Born: 11 August 1958, Rabi Island, Fiji
Professed: 2 January 1985
Ordained: 8 December 1989
Died: 5 March 2021 in Suva, Fiji

Ipolito Bakaua Teburea was the son of Mr Neneva Teburea and Mrs Maria Aron Teburea of Rabi Island, Fiji.… More

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Br Martin Williams SM (0)

Born: 30 August 1941, Wellington, NZ
Professed: 4 January 1970
Died: 11 March 2021, St Joseph’s Home of Compassion, Heretaunga, NZ

Ross Martin Williams, Br Marty, was born in Wellington. His mother was Gladys Williams. When he was a month old, Marty went to the Home of Compassion in Island Bay, where he spent about ten years.… More


Something Old – Something New (0)

A Possible Marist Spiritual Ecology: Part 2 

The first Dimension: Call – Le Puy

Framework 2:
The Marist Story within the Universal Story – Call – Le Puy

In our Introduction we proposed that a paradigm for re-energising our Marist Story is to re-connect it with the Universal Story.… More


Border-Crossing Missionaries (0)

This year people in Tonga are celebrating 150 years since the arrival of the first women religious or Sisters.

Challenges to missionary endeavour

Tongan historian, Sione Latukefu writes: “Seldom has there been such rapid and effective indoctrination of a people than that achieved by Wesleyan Methodist missionaries in Tonga from the 1820s.”… More

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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (0)

Sunday 6 June

Vincent Donovan was a missionary in Africa, among the Maasai people. A member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritans, he was ordained in 1952 and went to Tanzania in 1965. Part of his ministry was to go from village to village to celebrate the Eucharist.… More

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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (0)

Saint Paul wrote, “Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body” (1 Corinthians 10:17). We are a community nourished by the body and blood of Christ. Communion with the body of Christ is an effective sign of unity, of communion, of sharing.… More

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Pope St John XXIII Mystic Pope (0)

Believing that the position as Cardinal of Venice would be his final service to the church, no one was more surprised than Roncalli when he was elected Pope five years later in October, 1958. In fact, he even arrived at the Vatican for the consistory having purchased a return train ticket to Venice.More


Can You Bear It? (0)

An elderly teacher shuffled into class on the first day of the university year. He surveyed the students for a time and then said, “If you expect me to remember your names, please sit in the same seats each day.” After a pause, he added, “And don’t ever change your clothes!”… More

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The Cause of Fr Jean-Claude Colin (0)

The work of Fr Jean Coste

Fr Jean Coste SM gained his doctorate in theology at the Faculté Catholique in Lyons. In 1953 he went to Rome to begin higher studies in Scripture. He seemed set to begin a brilliant career as a biblical scholar, but in 1954, the Superior General of the Society of Mary asked him to abandon his biblical studies and devote himself to research into the sources of Marist history and spirituality.More

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Becoming the Person God Intended (0)

Marist Youth Leader, 2021

As a young and impressionable third former at St Bede’s College in 1966, Fr Mark Walls SM can remember Fr Bill Spillane regaling the students with stories of the St Bede’s legends -- Herb Lee’s 10 second 100 yards in 1924, Reg Warren’s unbeaten record at Inter-school sports in the 1940s, Dave Gledhill’s penalty against Xavier College in 1959.… More

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MM 50 Years Ago (0)

A vision that will make a better world

The word ‘ecology’ has become a household word recently. It is the ‘in’ thing to combat pollution. Immense efforts are being made to purify the skies and the waters of the earth in heavily industrialised countries and to prevent pollution happening here.… More


We Must Choose (0)

Prayerful Reflection with the Movie Contagion

Watching Steven Soderbergh’s movie Contagion is somewhat disconcerting, which has not stopped great numbers of people around the world watching it in recent times.

In one sense, it’s an ‘older’ movie, given it first appeared in 2011.… More


Healing the Body — A Few Steps Forward (0)

The recuperative powers of the human body are remarkable. Following surgery, infections, even critical incidents such as strokes and heart attacks, the determination of the body to heal is a source of wonder. With the aid of excellent health care professionals and medical technology, we are so very blessed in the times when we are most in need of healing.… More


June Saints (0)

St Paula Frasinetti

Paula Frassinetti was baptised on the day she was born, in Genoa, Italy. Her mother died when she was nine. An aunt moved in to look after the family – Paula and her four brothers. In need of a substitute mother, Paula turned to Our Lady.… More

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“For You Were Strangers In The Land of Egypt” (0)

Five years ago, I visited the UK during the Brexit campaign. It was an interesting time to be there. However, for me, the historic importance of the vote’s outcome was overshadowed by a chance meeting the day after.

I was leaning on the railing along the promenade of a south coast town, stoically enjoying the cold, grey, drizzly summer’s day, watching the waves break on the stony beach, when a young man suddenly appeared beside me.… More


The Interior Castle of St Teresa of Jesus of Ávila (0)

Part 7 of 7

We now arrive at the heart of the Castle, or rather, we are admitted into the inner room, the presence chamber, to the spiritual marriage with Christ. The Lord and the soul are at peace and in profound union.… More

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