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Reflecting on Covid-19 (0)

July 1, 2020 • Category: Focus Editorial, This Month's Cover

It is mid-May, about 55 days since we first went into lockdown, an experience that has been like being in a state of suspended animation. Last Friday I ventured into the local supermarket for the first time in more than seven weeks.… More

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Daily Reflections

  • Sunday 12 July

    Isaiah 55:10-11; Psalm 65; Romans: 8:18-23; Matthew 13:1-23

    The sower and the seed

    Take time to read and imagine today’s parable. Picture the sower sowing seed with easy sweeps of his hand. The seed goes anywhere and everywhere, good ploughed ground and not so good, some into the soil and some on top of stones.… More

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Pope St John Paul II – the People’s Pope (0)

The future starts today, not tomorrow

- John Paul II

In January 1945, as World War II was ending, the German army began retreating from Poland, providing new freedoms for the people. One who benefitted from the retreat was a young teenage girl named Edith Zierer, who managed to escape from a Nazi labour camp.… More

Death of a Marist»

Death of a Marist (0)

Fr Falani (Frank) Terry SM

Born in Apia, Samoa, 25 June 1953
Professed in Wairiki, Fiji, 2 February 1975
Ordained in Suva, Fiji, 25 October 1981
Died in Suva, Easter morning, 12 April 2020

Fr Falani Terry SM was the son of George Terry and Ana Maria Pauna of Apia, Samoa.… More

Death of a Marist 2»

Death of a Marist (Comments Off)

Bishop Henk Kronenberg SM

Born in Enschede, Netherlands, 29 Sept 1934
Professed, 12 Sepember 1958
Ordained, 18 October 1961
Bishop of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1999 -- 2009
Died in Enschede, Netherlands, 25 March 2020

After ordination, Fr Henk Kronenberg worked as a teacher in Hulst until 1964.… More

Death of a Marist 3»

Death of a Marist (1)

Fr (John) Patrick McCann SM

Born in Hastings, NZ: 2 March 1930
Professed: 2 February 1948
Ordained: 18 July 1953
Vow of Stability: 15 August 1987
Died in Lower Hutt, NZ: 28 February 2020

Fr Pat had a long and full life, directed from the beginning by the love of his family and his strong faith in God.… More

Feature Articles»

Shame, Hope and the Church: A Journey with Mary (0)

by Thomas Ryan, SM
St Pauls Publications 2020

Reviewed by Fr Brian Cummings SM

With so much having been written about the sexual abuse crisis within the Church, and, no doubt, with still much to be written, there can be a certain sense of weariness when faced with yet another book on the topic.… More

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Reflecting on Covid-19 (0)

It is mid-May, about 55 days since we first went into lockdown, an experience that has been like being in a state of suspended animation. Last Friday I ventured into the local supermarket for the first time in more than seven weeks.… More

Francis Speaks»

Francis Speaks (Comments Off)

The Most Holy Trinity

From the Pope’s homily on Trinity Sunday 2019. He was visiting the town of Camerino, Italy, which had been wrecked in an earthquake in 2016:

Today we celebrate the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is not a theological puzzle, but the splendid mystery of God’s closeness.… More


Sea Sunday – 12 July (0)

The maritime industry provides us with our food, clothing, health and education needs and virtually all our consumer goods. The industry has changed massively since Sea Sunday last year. Changes have been in response to fluctuations in international economies and the effects of the global pandemic.… More

Marist History»

Fr Colin’s Cause – A Long and Winding Road (0)

Part 1 of 3
Compiled by the Editor

This article, and those following in August and September, is based on the work of Fr Ronald Nissen SM in his Chronology of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin, and from his article in the MM in March 2018.More

Marist Lives»

Discerning Together (0)

Paths for Marists to Walk Confidently into the Future

Part 3 of 3

Structures – international and local

There are many challenges to face so that we can walk confidently into a bright Marist future. I have spoken of a Marist as one who clearly discerns a particular vocation to hear the call of the Lord, as Mary did before us, and to share in her vocation.… More

Missionary News»

Unusual Kindness on the Mexican-US Border (0)

In January this year, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity had "Unusual Kindness" as its theme. Here are some stories from Fr Tony O'Connor SM, working with people on the Mexican-USA border, people who have great need of being shown "Unusual Kindness".More

MM 50 Years Ago»

MM 50 Years Ago (Comments Off)

Mission Sisters return to Samoa

The Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions have just returned to work in Samoa at the invitation of Bishop Pio SM.

They will begin a new co-educational school in Savai’i next year.… More


Our Merciful God (Comments Off)

Sometimes, when you go to another place, you listen to the Mass with different ears – the familiarity is gone. The voice of a different priest and the slight variations in liturgy make you take more notice. That happened for me recently and it suddenly struck me about how often in the Mass we ask for mercy, or are reminded of God’s mercy for us.… More


‘Forced like Jesus Christ to Flee’ (Comments Off)

World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees in New Zealand, 21 June

As the title for his annual message for the World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugess, Pope Francis has chosen ‘Forced like Jesus Christ to Flee’.… More


Joint Bible Campaign Promotes Social Justice (Comments Off)

During  Social Justice Week (Sept 13-19), Bible Society New Zealand, in partnership with Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand,  launched its new Poverty and Justice Bible campaign in Catholic churches throughout the country.

This Catholic NRSV Bible includes more than 3,500 verses highlighting references to  poverty and justice, helping people understand the call of Pope Francis to “give a voice to the cry of the poor.”… More


I believe … (Comments Off)

For me, one of the most moving moments at Mass is hearing my neighbour in the pews recite the Creed. Whether or not this is someone that I know personally, it is always a very emotional moment. We are all publicly proclaiming our faith – something that we do not often do in other circumstances.… More

Places of Pilgrimage»

St Dymphna (1)

The Belgian city of Geel is renowned for its care for the mentally ill. The modern psychiatric facility that the town now boasts belies the unconventional origins of this care, back in the 13th century. However, we need to go back even further to a young Irish girl who was the catalyst for the reputation Geel holds today.… More


July Saints (0)

Saint Lawrence
of Brindisi

Lawrence was born in Brindisi, Italy, and named Caesare de Rossi. At the age of 16, he became a Franciscan and took the name Lawrence. Well-educated at the University of Padua, he began preaching soon after ordination.… More

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