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Adoration of the Magi (0)

December 1, 2021 • Category: Church Art, This Month's Cover


Domingos António de Sequeira, also known as Domingos Sequeira, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1768. He died in Rome in 1837.… More

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Daily Reflections

  • Monday 6 December

  • Isaiah 35:1-10; Psalm 85:9-14; Luke 5:17-26

    Am I spiritually paralysed?

    Jesus grasped the situation in an instant. The man’s main ailment was not his physical condition.… More

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How to be a ‘Good Enough’ Family (0)

Beware of family photos which are proudly presented on social media and on Christmas cards, because they simply do not reflect the true state of anyone's family.… More

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Adoration of the Magi (0)


Domingos António de Sequeira, also known as Domingos Sequeira, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1768. He died in Rome in 1837.… More


December Crossword (0)

The winner of the Marist Messenger prize for the October Crossword was Cyril Gilfedder of Dunedin.

Solution for November 

Across: 1 Amen, 3 Surplice,
9 Crosier, 10 Ether,
11 Episcopalian, 13 Income, 15 Outlaw, 17 Radiotherapy, 20 Alibi, 21 Retsina,
22 Lamented, 23 Fete. … More

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The Family Tree of Jesus (0)

Unlike the Gospels of Mark and John, Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels bring long family trees into their accounts of Jesus’ life.… More

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Witnesses of the Cross – Light in Darkness (0)

Our witness can be weakened by worldliness and mediocrity. The cross demands instead a limpid testimony. For the cross is not a flag to wave, but the pure source of a new way of living.… More

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Pope Francis – a Son of St Ignatius (Comments Off)

Several interviewers have asked how Pope Francis’ Jesuit background and training have influenced his pontificate. The answer is that it is impossible to separate Francis from his Ignatian Spiritualty and his membership of the Society of Jesus.… More


Can You Bear It? (0)

Pablo Picasso was robbed at knife-point and was able to give the police a sketch of the robber. Police wish to speak with a female person with the head of a horse, a fried egg in the middle of her forehead and a sword through her neck!… More

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MM 50 Years Ago (0)

St Bede’s 60th Year

St Bede’s was not the first secondary school founded by the Society of Mary in the South Island.… More


The Accompanist (0)

Over the years, one of life’s blessings has been the opportunity to accompany singers, choirs and other instrumentalists. My usual spot on these occasions has been sitting at a piano/keyboard or organ while others are front and centre.… More

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The Epiphany in Stained Glass (0)

While Mary and Joseph were still in Bethlehem, the three men variously described as ‘wise,’ ‘kings’ or ‘the Magi’ found their way following a star to the stable and knelt before the baby Jesus, worshipped him and declared that Jesus was the Saviour to all.… More


The Welcoming Heart of Christmas (0)

As a child, it was exciting to visit my grandparent’s house. I’d run down the path along the side of the house - either I was too excited to walk or I was racing my brothers and sisters to get there first.… More


December Saints (0)

Saint Joseph Bilczewski

Joseph Bilczewski was born in Wilamowice, Poland. After primary schooling, he attended high school at Wadowice until 1880.… More