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Out of Darkness … into Light (Comments Off)

April 1, 2019 • Category: Focus Editorial, This Month's Cover

Out of darkness God has called us,
Claimed by Christ as God’s own people.
Holy nation, royal priesthood,
Walking in God’s marvellous light.
-- Refrain from the hymn Out of Darkness by Christopher Walker

The images on the cover and on page 2 of this issue of the Messenger are evocative of the account of Easter morning in St John’s Gospel (20:1).… More

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Daily Reflections

  • Monday 20 May
  • Acts 14:5- 18; Psalm 115; John 14:21-26

    Active love

    The ten commandments are our Maker's instructions for a happy, healthy community. But Jesus' commands ask us to go further. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the sick. These are positive acts, not merely don't do this or that.… More

Death of a Marist»

Fr Peter Carde SM (0)

Born in Whanganui, 4 March 1936
Professed 30 January 1961
Ordained 29 June 1965
Died 3 March 2019 in Havelock North

Peter came from Whanganui, was educated by the Marist Brothers at St Joseph’s in Masterton and, before entering the seminary, he played senior rugby for Marist.… More

Death of a Marist 2»

Fr Michael Fitzgerald SM (0)

Born in Wellington, 14 September 1946
Professed 14 January 1967
Ordained 30 June 1971
Died 11 February 2019, Suva, Fiji

When Fr Craig Larkin was dying, he put a Bible on the visitor’s chair, and when visitors came, he would ask them to read to him their favourite passage.… More

Depthing Scripture»

Abba Father — Who Are You? (4) (0)

Shame at the Service of Love

Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel is very familiar; variously described as the Prodigal Son, the Loving Father, the Lost Son and Brother. At the story’s centre is the unexpected, even disarming spontaneity of the father’s reaction to the son he sees, in the distance, coming back home.… More

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The Visitation (0)

Feast, 31 May

When you walk in the summer through the heat on the hill
When you’re one with the wind, and one with God’s will,
Be glad with the burden you are blessed to bear.
For it’s Christ whom you carry everywhere, everywhere … everywhere.

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Christ is Risen (0)

Being aware of our shortcomings

“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3). So many times, we all know it, it’s easier and more comfortable to see and condemn the defects and sins of others, without being able to see our own with as much lucidity.… More

Historical New Zealand»

Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap… (0)

... and the Early Catholic History of Wellington (2)

After a year in Wellington, Henry Petre decided to return to England and find a wife before settling in New Zealand permanently. The full details are not known, but while in England Petre raised the fact that Wellington was in need of a priest.… More


A Surprising Knock at my Heart (0)

When I was in Wellington for the weekend, there was no Sunday Mass at my local church, so I decided to walk to St Mary of the Angels’ for the choral Mass. Latin would not be my first love, and I am not much of a singer, but much to my surprise both those aspects of the Mass contributed to a joyful experience.… More

Marist History»

The Town of Cerdon in Early Society of Mary History (0)

by the Editor

Fr Jean-Claude Colin at Cerdon

The town of Cerdon was a journey of some 20 hours from Lyons by stage coach in Fr Colin’s time. The town is about 70 kilometres north-east of Lyons, and much the same distance south-west of Geneva.… More

Marist Lives»

SMSM – Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary (0)

Collaboration with the Marist Sisters

Marist Sisters and SMSM have had few opportunities to collaborate in Mary’s work except in projects that involve several branches of the Marist family.

However, as Third Order Regular of Mary (TORM), sisters were given the opportunity to prepare the way in two Pacific missions.… More

Marist News»

Congratulations! (0)

Marist Mission Centre, Hunters Hill Sydney

Lionel Marsden SM was the chaplain of the Thai-Burma Railway Prison Camp in 1943. A member of the Japanese army medical corps, Shigemoto San, approached him, told him he was a Catholic and that he wanted to go to Confession.… More

Missionary News»

Marian Ecological Centre, Suva, Fiji (0)

Care and Love for All creation

The Approach

The approach begins with the Spirit of Mary, the spirit of humility -- Mary as the humus, the soil of God from which the Word was made flesh and became the new creation.… More

MM 50 Years Ago»

MM 50 Years Ago (0)

A Cardinal for New Zealand

The elevation of our metropolitan, Archbishop McKeefry, to be a Prince of the Church marks a stage in the life of the Church here. It is a sign not only of our coming of age as a Christian community but that this is recognised by our supreme Pastor in Rome.… More


Enjoying Ill Health (0)

A much-loved member of our Australian Marist community, who died quite some years ago now, used to provide us with great amusement through his tall tales of the real or imagined past, and the seemingly endless library of his illnesses and injuries.… More


A School for Prayer (21) (0)

Mind-in-the-heart Prayer 

By Fr Craig  Larkin SM, 1943 - 2015

Hesychastic Prayer in the Eastern Church (2)

A spirituality of the ‘heart’ in Christian tradition

As far back as the time of the Desert Fathers, the question was raised: “Where does prayer take place?… More


The Problem of Sin and God (0)

Is sin a problem for God?


No, sin is not a problem to God in the sense that He cannot cope with it, cannot overcome the difficulty that sin presents – not to Him but to us, the ones who sin.… More