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Mary at the Heart of the Church (0)

May 31, 2022 • Category: Focus Editorial, This Month's Cover

During the month of June, the Church celebrates three important feast days on successive Sundays. They are the Feasts of the Body and Blood of Christ, of the Holy Trinity and of Pentecost.… More

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Daily Reflections

  • Saturday 25 June
  • The Birth of John the Baptist

    Jer 1:4-10, Psalm 71:1-2,34a,5-6ab, 15ab, 17; 1 Peter 1:8-12, Luke 1:5-17

    John is his name.More

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Catholic Life»

What on earth is the Synod on Synodality?!!! (0)

When I was a boy we had a party line telephone in the house. Because we were in the countryside we shared the line with several other households.… More

Christianity in Action»

Who is Mary in the Life of a Social Justice Advocate? (Comments Off)

When you enter into my home, you are confronted with various Marian icons. 

Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mother of the Oppressed, and Mother of the Streets.… More

Church History»

The Beginnings of the Catholic Church in Tonga Based on the writings of Fr Joseph Deihl SM, adapted by Fr Kevin Head SM Part 5 (0)

Based on the writings of Fr Joseph Deihl SM, adapted by Fr Kevin Head SM

Part 5

Poverty and Persecution

From their earliest days in Tonga, the situation in which the Catholic missionaries found themselves was dire.… More


June Crossword (0)

The winner of the Marist Messenger prize for the April Crossword was Joyce Taylor of Christchurch

Solution for May

Across: 7 Novena, 8 Hallel,
9 Side, 10 Beatific,
11 Penalty, 13 Stole, 15 Jacob, 17 Eternal, 20 Dextrose,
21 Rota, 22 Missal,
23 Shibah. … More

Death of a Marist»

Death of a Marist (0)

Fr John David Worthington SM

rn: 29 December 1948

Professed: 2 February 1967

Ordained: 25 May  1974

Died:  1 April 2022 at Royal North Shore Hospital.More

Focus Editorial»

Mary at the Heart of the Church (0)

During the month of June, the Church celebrates three important feast days on successive Sundays. They are the Feasts of the Body and Blood of Christ, of the Holy Trinity and of Pentecost.… More

Francis Speaks»

Francis Speaks On the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (0)

Jesus Becomes Fragile in the Eucharist

The Gospel presents us the narrative of the Last Supper (Mk 14:12-16, 22-26). The words and gestures of the Lord touch our hearts: He takes the bread in his hands, pronounces the blessing, breaks it and offers it to the disciples, saying: “Take; this is my body” (v.… More

Inspiring lives»

Beatification of Pauline M Jaricot (Comments Off)

Pauline Jaricot will be beatified in Lyon on 22 May 2022. She is best known as the founder of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.… More


The Messages We Share (0)

Lies, half-truths, disinformation, misinformation, fake news, alternative facts – these were once largely the province of dictators and other authoritarian leaders.… More


Can You Bear It? (0)

I was out walking with my then 4-year-old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in her mouth.… More

Marist Spirituality»

Marist Spirituality An Introduction – Part 2 (0)

Cerdon - Rural France - 1816 – 1822.

The Marist story, and hence our spirituality, began at one level with a small group of seminarians.… More


Words and God’s Word (0)

Part 5 of 10

“What is your opinion?” 

‘What’s your opinion?’ 

‘What do you think we should do’?

It’s nice to be asked.… More

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Tik Tok and Broken Communion (0)

In May 2021, 17-year old Adrian Lopez put out an invitation for his birthday party – Adrian’s Kickback: “Slide tru this Saturday we finna turn up!!!!”… More


The Word was Made Flesh and Dwelt Amongst Us (0)

Part 2 of 4

In revitalising old traditions of prayer, and perhaps sowing the seeds of new ones, it is good to remind ourselves about our Catholic understanding of God.… More


Stacked for Pentecost (0)

At all major international airports, aircraft waiting to land are ‘stacked’. Inbound aircraft will, quite literally ‘be stacked’ at different altitudes waiting for runway space to become available.… More

Reflection - 2»

Words and God’s Word (Comments Off)

“I admit I made a mistake”

The above six most important words can be summed up: “I apologise.” 

It means expressing, in some form or another, one’s regret or sorrow for hurting or wronging someone else.… More

Reflection - 3»

When an old bloke just sits (Comments Off)

It’s a truly splendid autumn morning. The old bloke has done a turn around the garden for some exercise and then sits on a garden seat to get a mandatory daily dose of Vitamin D.… More


Saint Barnabas the Apostle (0)

On 11 June the Church celebrates Saint Barnabas the Apostle. This is a very rare designation for a saint. Barnabas is not celebrated as a martyr, nor as a bishop.… More

Social Justice»

The Cry of the Earth (Comments Off)

Twenty-six years ago, we lived in Motueka and one of our favourite weekend outings was to take the 12-minute drive down to the Kumaras, a wilderness reserve on the Motueka foreshore.… More

Messenger Briefs



Congratulations to Fr Timothy Duckworth SM who has been re-appointed by the Superior General as Provincial of the Society of Mary in New Zealand for another term of three years. We wish him well for this important  task.

Happy Retirement Glen

After 16 years on the staff of the Marist Messenger, as the Layout Assistant, as well as contributing numerous articles, Glen McCullough has decided to call it a day. We wish Glen well, and we thank him for his diligent service over the last 16 years.