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Brother Mikaele Cilicewa SM(Comments Off on Brother Mikaele Cilicewa SM)

October 1, 2021

Born: 12 November 1946 in Taveuni, Fiji
Professed: 1 January 1973
Died: 24 July 2021 in Suva, Fiji

Br Mika Cilicewa died recently in Suva, Fiji, at the height of the Covid-19 crisis there.… More

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Br Colin Campbell SM

Colin Campbell was born at Cessnock NSW on 27 April 1922. His father owned a draper shop. He was the elder of two brothers.… More

Fr Ipolito Bakaua Teburea SM

Born: 11 August 1958, Rabi Island, Fiji
Professed: 2 January 1985
Ordained: 8 December 1989
Died: 5 March 2021 in Suva, Fiji

Ipolito Bakaua Teburea was the son of Mr Neneva Teburea and Mrs Maria Aron Teburea of Rabi Island, Fiji.… More

Recent Marist Deaths

Fr Robert (Bob) Barber SM
Born: 12 March 1949 in Canberra
Professed: 26 January 1969
Ordained: 26 May 1975
Died: 13 February 2021 in Lismore Base Hospital

Robert (Bob) Barber’s parents, Jack and Lil, had four children: a daughter, eighteen months older than Bob, and then two more sons.… More

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