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Fr John Jago SM(0)

October 2, 2018

Born 1 September 1932
Professed 2 February 1964
Ordained 19 August 1967
Died 17 July 2018

This is an edited version of the funeral homily given by Fr Tom Ryan SM.

John Jago was born in Grafton, NSW, the first of five children.… More

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Fr Brian Conaghan SM

Born in Rozelle, Sydney,
12 November 1931
Professed 2 February1951
Died 2 July 2018

Brian Conaghan (“Connie”), was one of five children born to Patrick and Delma. The eldest child died of whooping cough at the age of five. A younger sister of Brian’s joined the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy and was matron of the Stella Maris nursing home at Cronulla for 25 years. … More

Br Raymond (Anthony John) Kelleher SM

Born in Oamaru 15 February 1938

Professed 15 August 1957

Died in Hawkes Bay on 26 June 2018

Thanks to Fr John Walls SM, for this summary of his eulogy.

Anthony John Kelleher's life trip began in Oamaru, 80 years ago.… More

Fr Jean Hénaff SM

Born in Brittany, France 23 November 1924

Professed 24 September 1948

Died at the Médipôle Hospital at Dumbéa, near Nouméa 9 March 2018.


Edited eulogy by Fr. François Grossin SM- Translated by Elizabeth Charlton

Aged 93, Father Jean Hénaff was the oldest of the Archdiocese’s priests and of the Marists in Oceania.… More

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