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July 1, 2020

Fr Falani (Frank) Terry SM

Born in Apia, Samoa, 25 June 1953
Professed in Wairiki, Fiji, 2 February 1975
Ordained in Suva, Fiji, 25 October 1981
Died in Suva, Easter morning, 12 April 2020

Fr Falani Terry SM was the son of George Terry and Ana Maria Pauna of Apia, Samoa.… More

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Death of a Marist

Bro Clément Bonhommeau SM

Born 11 October 1926,
St Mars de Goutais, Loire-Atlantique, France

Professed 31 May 1951 at La Neylière
Died 23 January 2020, Finetomai, Wallis

Bro Clément was the third child in a family of five girls and four boys.… More

Death of a Marist

Fr Kevin Manning SM

Born in Gisborne, 6 March 1928
Professed, 2 February 1948
Ordained 26 July 1952
Died in Christchurch, 30 December 2019

Kevin was the son of William and Marie Manning. He was one of five children. His siblings were Ralph and John, whom he told me the other day he was looking forward to seeing in heaven, and his sister Joy Lyons, and his brother Terry who is here today.… More

Fr John Thornhill SM

Born in Brisbane, 13 May 1929
Professed, 2 February 1949
Ordained, 30 October 1955
Died in Sydney, 28 July 2019

Tribute by Fr Thomas Ryan SM

Among the many cameos of John’s life in the funeral eulogy of his nephew Eric Robinson, what stood out were the deep affection and love that were, and are, part of his family.… More

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