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July 1, 2020

The 50th Earth Day

... is an occasion for renewing our commitment to love and care for our common home and for the weaker members of our human family. As the tragic coronavirus pandemic has taught us, we can overcome global challenges only by showing solidarity with one another and embracing the most vulnerable in our midst.… More

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Francis Speaks

The Most Holy Trinity

From the Pope’s homily on Trinity Sunday 2019. He was visiting the town of Camerino, Italy, which had been wrecked in an earthquake in 2016:

Today we celebrate the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is not a theological puzzle, but the splendid mystery of God’s closeness.… More

Francis Speaks

A summarised version of the Pope’s address to the First International Congress on the Pastoral Care of the Elderly:

‘The Richness of many years’ ...

... is a richness of people, of each individual person who has many years of life, experience, and history behind them.… More

Francis Speaks

Extracts from the Pope’s Easter Vigil homily, 20 April 2019

The women bring spices to the tomb, but they fear that their journey is in vain, since a large stone bars the entrance to the sepulchre. At times, it seems that everything comes up against a stone … It seems that the steps we take never take us to the goal.… More

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