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April 30, 2022

Going to the school of Mary is going to a school of faith and life. She, a teacher because she is a disciple, teaches the ‘A’ to ‘Z’ of human and Christian life.… More

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World Day of the Sick (12 Feb)

The experience of sickness makes us feel fragile, and it makes us feel in need of others. Not alone, not alone.… More

Ash Wednesday

From the Pope’s homily,
Ash Wednesday, 17 February 2021

We are now embarking on our Lenten journey, which opens with the words of the prophet Joel.… More

Opening of the Synodal Path –

Leading to the 2023 Synod on Synodality

A certain rich man came up to Jesus “as he was setting out on his journey” (Mark 10:17).… More

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