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The Blessing of Grandchildren(Comments Off on The Blessing of Grandchildren)


When my husband and I were dating, we would often take long walks around a local park, and fantasise about our future together.… More

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The Word is Alive!

The season of Advent begins in the last week of November. As we journey deeper into Advent two persons more and more take over centre stage, Mary the Mother of Jesus, and his cousin John.… More

Words and God’s Word ‘I’

In The Short Course in Human Relations that has guided this series. ‘I’ is listed as the ‘least important word’.

In what sense is that true?… More

Words and God’s Word ‘We’

Part 8 of 10

Guided by the Short Course in Human Relations noted earlier in this series, we now arrive at two letters, namely, ‘we’—chosen as the most important word. … More

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