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The Cry of the Earth(0)

April 30, 2022

Twenty-six years ago, we lived in Motueka and one of our favourite weekend outings was to take the 12-minute drive down to the Kumaras, a wilderness reserve on the Motueka foreshore.… More

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River Blindness

Debilitating Neglected Tropical Disease causes avoidable blindness in sub-Saharan Africa

Imagine thousands of painful parasites crawling under your skin, making their way into your eyes, gnawing away at your optic nerve, slowly stealing your sight and eventually making you go blind. … More

Hauropi Mariana

A Marian Integral Ecology – Part 2 of 2

To be Mary, Virgin:
Ko te Whaea - Ko te Tātāhou 

To be like Mary, to imitate her quality of presence, is to be as soil.… More

Turning Shame into Joy for Mothers in Nigeria

Could anything hurt a woman’s spirit more than to be leaking and dribbling urine or bodily waste?

Obstetric Fistula occurs when the baby’s head puts too much pressure on the mother’s maternal tissues, cutting the blood supply.… More

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