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“For You Were Strangers In The Land of Egypt”(0)

May 31, 2021

Five years ago, I visited the UK during the Brexit campaign. It was an interesting time to be there. However, for me, the historic importance of the vote’s outcome was overshadowed by a chance meeting the day after.

I was leaning on the railing along the promenade of a south coast town, stoically enjoying the cold, grey, drizzly summer’s day, watching the waves break on the stony beach, when a young man suddenly appeared beside me.… More

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Something Old – Something New

A Possible Marist Spiritual Ecology: Part 2 

The first Dimension: Call – Le Puy

Framework 2:
The Marist Story within the Universal Story – Call – Le Puy

In our Introduction we proposed that a paradigm for re-energising our Marist Story is to re-connect it with the Universal Story.… More

Something Old – Something New

Part 4 of 7

A Possible Marist Integral Ecology 

Part 3

The third of three Circles: ‘to act justly’

Framework 1. Circle 3: Mission in an Eco-Conscious World

In our first article we reflected on ‘walking humbly with God’ [Micah 6:8] -- personal holiness -- the first of three inter-related, and inter-connected circles, for a possible Marist Integral Ecology.… More

Turning Blindness Into Sight In The Remote Highlands Of Papua New Guinea

Imagine being blind and isolated, unable to be with your loved ones, and having to fend for yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eyesight is something we often take for granted. Yet there are many people in the remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) who are needlessly blind.… More

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