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Something Old – Something New [1](0)

March 31, 2021
Part 3 of 7

A Possible Marist Integral Ecology - Part 2

[The second of three Circles: ‘to love tenderly’]

Circle 2: ‘Loving tenderly’ - The Ecological Community

In our last article we reflected on ‘walking humbly with God’ [Micah 6:8] -- personal holiness -- the first of three inter-related, and inter-connected circles, for a possible Marist Integral Ecology.… More

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Something Old – Something New

A Possible Marist Integral Ecology 

Part 1

The first of three Circles:

‘walking humbly with God’

We see and understand ourselves today in a vastly different context to the way in which Jesus’ listeners saw and understood themselves. For them, they were the highpoint and centre of creation, in a stable world, built+ on pillars, with the vault above.… More

Empowering Young Farmers and Families

Tutu Rural Training Centre, on the island of Taveuni in Fiji, is a Prioritised Ministry in the Oceania Marist Province. It has been developing for more than forty-five years.

The aim of our Training Centre is to provide a Place and a Presence where the local People are empowered to become more autonomous, and take charge of their own lives in a rapidly changing world.… More

Talitha Kum Aotearoa New Zealand

What’s in a name?

In a mid-June Zoom meeting, representatives of the Aotearoa NZ Religious against Trafficking of Humans -- ANZRATH -- groups in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin agreed to a change of name.

Our new name is Talita Kum Aotearoa New Zealand.More

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