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Br Martin Williams SM(Comments Off on Br Martin Williams SM)

May 31, 2021

Born: 30 August 1941, Wellington, NZ
Professed: 4 January 1970
Died: 11 March 2021, St Joseph’s Home of Compassion, Heretaunga, NZ

Ross Martin Williams, Br Marty, was born in Wellington.… More

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Death of a Marist

Bishop Henk Kronenberg SM

Born in Enschede, Netherlands, 29 Sept 1934
Professed, 12 Sepember 1958
Ordained, 18 October 1961
Bishop of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1999 -- 2009
Died in Enschede, Netherlands, 25 March 2020

After ordination, Fr Henk Kronenberg worked as a teacher in Hulst until 1964.… More

Fr John Lopdell Mori SM

Born in Napier, 5 May 1943
Professed at Highden, 7 January 1963
Ordained, 1 July 1967
Died in Napier, 24 July 2019

Although John was born in Napier, his family later moved to Wellington.… More

Fr Michael Fitzgerald SM

Born in Wellington, 14 September 1946
Professed 14 January 1967
Ordained 30 June 1971
Died 11 February 2019, Suva, Fiji

When Fr Craig Larkin was dying, he put a Bible on the visitor’s chair, and when visitors came, he would ask them to read to him their favourite passage.… More

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