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Fr James Esler SM (Comments Off on Fr James Esler SM )

March 31, 2022

Born: 03 December 1922 - 

Ordained: 4 January 1956

Died: 18 December 2021, Sydney

James Michael Esler was born at Parkes, NSW, on Dec 3, 1922.… More

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Fr Barry John O’Connor SM

Born: 1 May 1939 in Palmerston North
Professed: 26 January 1959
Ordained: 2 July 1963 by Archbishop McKeefry in Hawera
Died: 9 November 2021 in Hutt Hospital

Barry lost a good part of his hearing when he was young and by the time he had his first hearing aid he had taught himself to lip read -- a very handy skill for a teacher, he would say with a wry smile!… More

Br Martin Williams SM

Born: 30 August 1941, Wellington, NZ
Professed: 4 January 1970
Died: 11 March 2021, St Joseph’s Home of Compassion, Heretaunga, NZ

Ross Martin Williams, Br Marty, was born in Wellington.… More

Death of a Marist

Bishop Henk Kronenberg SM

Born in Enschede, Netherlands, 29 Sept 1934
Professed, 12 Sepember 1958
Ordained, 18 October 1961
Bishop of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1999 -- 2009
Died in Enschede, Netherlands, 25 March 2020

After ordination, Fr Henk Kronenberg worked as a teacher in Hulst until 1964.… More

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