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Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap(0)

June 1, 2019

And the Early Catholic History of Wellington

Upon arriving in Wellington on 31 January 1843, Fr O’Reily took up lodgings with a Mrs Kennedy somewhere in Cuba Street. He said a public Mass on Sunday 5 February. The unlikely location for this auspicious event was the timber hotel, sometimes simply referred to as a tavern, of the colourful German immigrant, Baron Charles Ernest von Alzdorf.… More

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Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap…

... and the Early Catholic History of Wellington (2)

After a year in Wellington, Henry Petre decided to return to England and find a wife before settling in New Zealand permanently. The full details are not known, but while in England Petre raised the fact that Wellington was in need of a priest.… More

Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap…

...and the Early Catholic History of Wellington (1)

In the winter of 1880, as he lay bedridden by his last illness, Father Jeremiah Purcell O’Reily OFMCap remarked wryly that “he didn’t know he had so many friends until he became frail”.… More

Remembering the New Zealand Marist Chaplains of World War One

Fr Segrief was the first NZ Catholic Chaplain to serve in World War One and saw service throughout the whole war.

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