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The Pulse Prayer(Comments Off on The Pulse Prayer)

February 28, 2021

Once, during a retreat, a person I was accompanying plonked himself in the chair opposite me and exclaimed, with some degree of frustration, “I can’t pray!”

“Do you want to pray?” I asked. “Of course,” he replied.

“Do you know why you want to?”… More

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The Interior Castle of 
St Teresa of Jesus of Ávila

Part 1 of 7


The Interior Castle is St Teresa’s masterpiece and one of the greatest books ever written about prayer. It is her most ordered and mature work, written in 1577 and taking six months to complete. It was said that those who observed her during this time saw a glowing radiance about her -- the Holy Spirit was very close.… More

Lectio Divina

This traditional way of praying scripture has become popular in a number of Christian churches. I think it began in monasteries, where monks sat at their evening meal, listening to the reading of the day. When a verse or phrase had meaning for a monk, he would leave the table and take the words to his cell for evening prayer.… More

St Teresa of Ávila Doctor of Prayer

St Teresa [1515-1582] answers the question How do I grow deeper in prayer? In fact, there is a well-founded case to be made that she is the best teacher the Church has on prayer, the Doctor of Prayer. As I write this I am aware of the many Discalced Carmelite experts who have written explaining her teaching and I would refer you to them to go deeper than these brief articles.… More

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