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Cairns Cathedral – Bucket List Item(Comments Off on Cairns Cathedral – Bucket List Item)

February 3, 2020

Several friends who had been to Cairns told me that the stained glass windows were superb. So I put it on my ‘bucket list’. The chance finally came to fly there after a road trip with friends that ended in Brisbane.… More

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A Short History of the Marist Brothers

Part 4 of 4

If we Marists can pride ourselves on our progress and achievements in the middle of last century, I don’t think we can do as much in the field of inter-Marist relations. Our congregations have, for the most part, gone their separate ways, with little contact except at the levels of leadership and local missionary activities and the occasional celebration.… More

A Short History of the Marist Brothers

Part 3 of 4

As we have seen in Fr Poupinel’s letter of 1865, the close association of the congregation and the Society of Mary continued in the founding of the schools. It was Marist vicars-apostolic and bishops who invited the brothers to their missions and dioceses and Marist priests who asked them to open schools in their parishes.… More

A Short History of the Marist Brothers

Part 2 of 4

In 1896, our Founder, Fr Marcellin Champagnat, was declared Venerable, Fr Chanel having been beatified in 1889. By this time, teaching brothers had been present in the Pacific for some twenty-five years and in New Zealand for twenty.… More

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