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The Holy Spirit(0)

May 31, 2018

by Fr Merv Duffy SM

Lord, Holy Spirit,
You blow like the wind in a t
housand paddocks,
Inside and outside the fences,
You blow where you wish to blow.

That is the first stanza of James K Baxter’s Song to the Holy Spirit which came to my mind when Fr Kevin Head
asked for a guest editorial “on the topic of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is too big and too powerful to be fenced in by any boundaries, let alone the limits of a Messenger editorial.… More

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St Bede the Venerable

By Fr Brian Cummings SM

25 May

St Bede is not a particularly well-known saint in New Zealand.

Bede was born in the north of England, near the monastery of Wearmouth. He joined that monastery at the age of seven, and spent all his life there or at Jarrow, teaching and writing.… More

Reflections on Emmaus

Fr Kevin Head sm

We lament the state the world is in, understandably. There is so much sadness. So many people suffering as victims – of floods, fires, road accidents; or of mental, physical and sexual violation, hunger and malnutrition, homelessness; of slavery, sex trafficking, environmental destruction … the list of human misfortune and exploitation makes for truly sad reading.… More

St Joseph – 19 March

Fr Kevin Head sm

The ‘foster father of our Lord,’ Joseph was also his legal father, and it was through Joseph’s genealogical line that Jesus belonged to the house of David. St Teresa of Avila said that “to other saints, our Lord has given power to help in one sort of need, but this glorious saint helps us in every need, as I know by experience.” Pope Pius IX declared Joseph patron of the whole Church in 1870.… More

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