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Rosaleen Conway(Comments Off on Rosaleen Conway)

October 2, 2018

16 November 1934 - 19 October 2017

Rosaleen, who died last year, was a regular contributor to the Marist Messenger. The editor at that time, Michael Unverricht, paid the following tribute to Rosaleen.

During the 1980s, Rosaleen became involved in the life of the Marist Messenger.More

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Tris Officer

Tris died aged 97 on 12th January 2018. She will be particularly remembered by our readers as Business Manager for the Marist Messenger. Tris fulfilled this role for 15 years. The latest copy of the magazine was in her room when she died.… More

Dame Betty O’Dowd


Historian, Theologian, Woman of the Church

by Matthew O’Connell

Dame Betty O’Dowd, who died in Auckland on the feast of Corpus Christi, made a huge contribution to the life of the Church in the Diocese of Christchurch, indeed in New Zealand.… More

Claudia Mary Wysocki (1939 – 2012)

Claudia Wysocki was certainly one of the great educators of her generation. She was a product and practitioner par excellence of Sacre Coeur education. Thereafter the breadth of her achievement was remarkable, as indicated by this tribute by Deborah James. (abridged)

Claudia Mary was born in Lower Hutt in 1939 to Claude and Mary Wysocki.… More

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