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Halleluja, He is Risen(Comments Off on Halleluja, He is Risen)

March 31, 2022

Halleluja, He is Risen

This month we celebrate the most important events of our faith: the death and resurrection of Jesus.… More

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The Epiphany in Stained Glass

While Mary and Joseph were still in Bethlehem, the three men variously described as ‘wise,’ ‘kings’ or ‘the Magi’ found their way following a star to the stable and knelt before the baby Jesus, worshipped him and declared that Jesus was the Saviour to all.… More

The Ascension in Stained Glass

By Glen McCullough

At the end of Luke's and Mark’s Gospels, they describe how Jesus gave them the great commission to go and tell everyone the Good News, and then he ascended to Heaven.… More

Plea for a Marian Church

By Fr François Marc SM

I would like to plead for a Marian church:
not a church that multiplies processions
or blesses huge statues …;
rather a church that “lives the Gospel after the manner of Mary.”… More

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