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Can You Bear It?(Comments Off on Can You Bear It?)

December 1, 2019

A moral conundrum for golfers: what do you do when your opponent claims to have found her ball in the rough and you know she is a liar because you’ve got her ball in your pocket?

“Why don’t you play golf with Ted any more?”… More

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Can You Bear It?

“It’s my husband, doctor, he thinks he’s a hen”. “Good heavens, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” “I would have, but we needed the eggs”.

After giving a speech at the businessmen’s club, the bishop said to the reporter covering the event, “When you write your story, I’d be grateful if you didn’t mention the anecdotes I related; I may wish to use them again in other speeches I’ve been asked to give”.… More

Can You Bear It?

Rich man: “I began life without a cent in my pocket”. Another rich man: “That’s nothing. I began life without a pocket”.

Customer: “You’re sure one bottle will cure a cold?” Chemist: “It must, madam. Nobody’s ever come back for a second”.… More

Can You Bear It?

The doctor had an urgent call from a man saying his small son had swallowed a fountain pen. “I’ll come right away”, said the doctor. “What are you doing in the meantime?” “Using a pencil”, was the reply.


The bore was describing his experience at the Grand Canyon.… More

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