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August 30, 2021

The Bright Side

Part 1 of 3

‘Tears of Joy’ 

The team and supporters winning a grand final or a world cup. The bride and groom radiant on their wedding day. The political leader and party supporters after an election victory.… More

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Staying Both Anchored and Nimble

Watching young people at play or at sports’ training, reminds me of times past when I could run, jump, kick a footy, bowl a reasonable leg-break and hit a fair forehand – not all at once of course! The athletic flexibility of young people is a joyful gift and I often pray for them that it lasts as long as possible.… More

“That they may be one…”

This Gospel text (John 17:11) we tend to associate with the unification of the many thousands of churches throughout the world, but recently I have been thinking about how we should apply it to our own church and the divisions within.… More

Capturing Joy

As Victoria emerged from months of lockdown late last year, there was much relief and celebration around Melbourne. One reporter describing the moment said: It is simply joyous!

Joyous – what a beautiful and understandably under-used word it is.

When violence, criminality and corruption occupy the bulk of our news services, joy rarely features.… More

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