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“That they may be one…”(Comments Off on “That they may be one…”)

April 29, 2021

This Gospel text (John 17:11) we tend to associate with the unification of the many thousands of churches throughout the world, but recently I have been thinking about how we should apply it to our own church and the divisions within.… More

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Capturing Joy

As Victoria emerged from months of lockdown late last year, there was much relief and celebration around Melbourne. One reporter describing the moment said: It is simply joyous!

Joyous – what a beautiful and understandably under-used word it is.

When violence, criminality and corruption occupy the bulk of our news services, joy rarely features.… More

Broken Relationships –
What Do You Say?

A good friend recently lost her adult son very suddenly. Even though he had been ill and was receiving treatment, the illness was not terminal. He was not expected to die, so his death was a total shock to the family.… More

The Gift of a Child

In the chapel of the Retreat House at Manresa in Dublin there is a beautiful sculpture of the Madonna and Child. Mary is clasping the infant to her shoulder in a gentle embrace. As my Director pointed out, it is very unusual for the Child to be facing His mother, rather than looking out at us.… More

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