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In My Prison Ministry There Are No Criminals(0)

April 1, 2019

I have not been more passionate about any other ministry in my many years working in five countries than this walking with unaccompanied minors, aged 11 to 17, from Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador and now, Nicaragua. I am surprised what swirls up from deep within me and only recently have I gained a clue as to what it is and why.… More

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Recovering from Tropical Cyclone Winston

Report from Tutu Rural Training Centre, Taveuni, Fiji, May 2016

On 20 February 2016 severe category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston struck many parts of Fiji. The island of Taveuni was one of the most severely affected areas. So were the home villages of the Tutu participants throughout Fiji Northern Provinces.… More

Ranong: Marists on the Thailand-Burma border (5)


The mission of education is connected with love of the poor. For the really poor, education is often the fourth priority, and a luxury. Food, health, shelter all take their place before it. But without education, children exist in a vicious cycle.… More

Ranong: Marists on the Thailand-Burma border (4)


Being a missionary

In the March Messenger I wrote about how I recognised my Mum was part of my early experience of being a missionary. I carried her sultana cakes when she went visiting the sick, lonely and those recently out of hospital.… More

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