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The Cub(Comments Off on The Cub)


A whimsical letter recalling a beloved Irish Marist.

Dear Father Byrne

After my visit with you, I realised that there are memories that have always given me pleasure so here are my imperfect recollections of the events surrounding: 

The First Summer Camp

In 1957 after my father died, summer stretched into a bleak holiday-less infinity.… More

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Ash for a New Life

On 20 December 2021, an eruption began on Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, a submarine volcano in the Tongan group of islands. The eruption reached a very large and powerful climax nearly 4 weeks later, on 15 January 2022.… More

The Beauty of Touch

We use touch, one of our senses, in many ways. To explore how something feels; to push away; to hurt; but also, to connect, to show our love.… More

A Smile out of Nowhere

We’ve all probably had the experience of a stranger offering us a smile as we pass them by. We could be sitting on a bus, at a restaurant or be walking along when eyes meet and seemingly out of nowhere a smile joins us for a brief moment. … More

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