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August 1, 2018

Let’s start with a brief exercise.

Look back over your life and recall a time (or times) when you found yourself overwhelmed by a sense that you were part of something much bigger than yourself or that something happened to you that was like a gift coming from beyond yourself or an ordinary event briefly uncovered a world beyond the everyday

When we look at these experiences, we find that they can be positive or negative (or healing or painful).… More

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The Present Moment

We are told that we experience God in the present moment, and we know that as truth. But our brains are wired for learning from the past, planning for the future, and we’re not going to be rid of those habits.… More

Our Three Divine Friends

However much we may get to know about God, even know God in a true personal way, God always remains a mystery. “Mystery” is almost another name for God. But a mystery of love, a mystery of incomprehensible goodness. For God: “Loved the world (us) so much that He gave his only Son” so that we may have eternal life in and through Him.… More

Another Invitation from the Lord …

... for those of us who are heavily burdened

In one of his catechetical instructions recently, Pope Francis spoke about Jesus’ invitation to those of us who experience heavy burdens in life’s journey, an invitation to come to Him. This led me to recall three key moments in my own appreciation and response.… More

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