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St Teresa of Ávila and The Way of Perfection(0)

September 30, 2020

Its teaching on prayer -- Part 2 of 2

The second major teaching in this spiritual classic, The Way of Perfection, is found in St Teresa’s commentary on the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, in Chapters 27-42.

Imagine the honour and privilege of being able to address God as our Father.… More

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The Way of Perfection by St Teresa of Ávila

And its teaching on prayer -- Part 1 of 2

This article is a brief introduction to The Way of Perfection.

St Teresa wrote this book at the request of her daughters at her first monastery, St Joseph’s in Avila. This is a book for formation, written to help the sisters in their life of prayer.… More

The Prayer Journey According to St Teresa of Ávila

This article and the ones that follow are designed to help you to read the very inspiring actual words of St Teresa of Ávila on prayer. I hope to give you greater access to what she wrote if you are not familiar with her writings.More

Too Much Excess!

Comedian and sometimes quirky social commentator H.G. Nelson had as one of his mantras: “When too much fun is never enough”. In his own way, he was taking the mickey out of a restless culture that is never satisfied with what it has.… More

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