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Proper Mercy(Comments Off on Proper Mercy)

August 1, 2016

My curiosity was awakened last year when I heard Pope Francis talk about mercy as something that most of us do not understand properly. Most of us see mercy as a minor attribute of God or a quality we need in order to be liked.… More

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An Inner Music Living a Life in God

by Craig Larkin sm

Reviewed by Sr Eileen Brosnahan RSM

This beautifully presented book provides an introduction to twenty spiritual writers and mystics. It offers a series of down-to-earth reflections on how the insights of the mystics can relate to and transform our lives.… More

Chronicle of Rapid Change for the Society of Mary

A Review

The 125th Jubilee Magazine of the New Zealand Province of the Society of Mary is an absorbing read. It does not attempt to provide an overview of the history of the Society of Mary going back 176 years but rather focuses on the life of the Province over the last 25 years.… More

Lofty, No Ordinary Bishop – by Kathleen Baran

Reviewed by Fr John Craddock sm

Lofty, No Ordinary Bishop by Kathleen Baran is no ordinary biography. It is not only the outline of the life of a holy priest and Bishop but also one which allows reflections by people who knew and loved Bishop Gerry.… More

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