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The Welcoming Heart of Christmas(Comments Off on The Welcoming Heart of Christmas)

December 1, 2021

As a child, it was exciting to visit my grandparent’s house. I’d run down the path along the side of the house - either I was too excited to walk or I was racing my brothers and sisters to get there first.… More

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A Sacrificial Chook!

Quite a few years ago, with a small group, I visited El Salvador and Guatemala. At one parish church in Guatemala, I remember especially the colourful, graphic statues depicting the martyrdom of saints and Jesus’ death. … More

Who is my Neighbour?

Some friends of mine have recently moved to a new neighbourhood. Up until then, they, and I, had been part of a group that met monthly at the home of a very hospitable couple, for cheese scones and chat.… More

Being Married

Holding another person’s heart in your hands, promising to care for this special one for the rest of your life, must be the most precious privilege, deep comfort and the greatest of challenges.… More

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