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Who is my Neighbour?(0)

October 1, 2021

Some friends of mine have recently moved to a new neighbourhood. Up until then, they, and I, had been part of a group that met monthly at the home of a very hospitable couple, for cheese scones and chat.… More

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Being Married

Holding another person’s heart in your hands, promising to care for this special one for the rest of your life, must be the most precious privilege, deep comfort and the greatest of challenges.… More

Joy – Dark Secret Joys

Part 2 of 3

In contrast to last month’s reflections, some joys can be destructive. There is the perverted form of joy in inflicting suffering on others.… More

Letting Jesus In

It’s a truism that Jesus needs to be at the centre of our lives as people of faith. No-one really disagrees with this assertion.More

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