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The Phone Calls(0)

April 30, 2021

I’m in the ninth decade of life and it has become clear to me over the years that God reveals himself to us in many and varied ways. Since our God is a God of surprises, I have also learned that I must always be reflective, trying to be mindful of when and how God is revealing himself, lest I miss hearing his voice.… More

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“That they may be one…”

This Gospel text (John 17:11) we tend to associate with the unification of the many thousands of churches throughout the world, but recently I have been thinking about how we should apply it to our own church and the divisions within.… More

A Thank You Letter

Dear Mary and Joseph,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for setting such a good example for us when we are frightened and unsure of the future. When reading about how you had to flee to Egypt to keep Jesus safe from King Herod, it struck me that you would know all about what we have gone through recently with the pandemic.… More

Capturing Joy

As Victoria emerged from months of lockdown late last year, there was much relief and celebration around Melbourne. One reporter describing the moment said: It is simply joyous!

Joyous – what a beautiful and understandably under-used word it is.

When violence, criminality and corruption occupy the bulk of our news services, joy rarely features.… More

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