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Words and God’s Word(0)

April 30, 2022

Part 4 of 10

“You did a good job”.

 “Well done!” “You were great!”

When you think about it, such phrases are first cousins of ‘thank you’. … More

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Keep the flame of faith alive in our heart(h)

There is an old Irish custom which is called grieshog. Grieshog, is the process of burying warm coals in ashes at night to preserve the fire for the following day.… More

When an old bloke just sits

It’s a truly splendid autumn morning. The old bloke has done a turn around the garden for some exercise and then sits on a garden seat to get a mandatory daily dose of Vitamin D.… More

Words and God’s Word

“I admit I made a mistake”

The above six most important words can be summed up: “I apologise.” 

It means expressing, in some form or another, one’s regret or sorrow for hurting or wronging someone else.… More

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