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August 1, 2018

“Teach us Holy Mary, a loving song to sing…”

Mary! Here portrayed as my sister, my neighbour, my Model, my Prompt, wearing so well the creaturehood we share with you.

Mary, head lowered, quick to recognise the holy one before you, approaching you, in our midst.… More

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Fr Jean-Claude Colin in Rome (2)

The Second Visit:
2 June – 28 August 1842

Fr Colin’s second journey to Rome was in company with Fr Victor Poupinel. They left Marseille in France

by boat on 28 May 1842. They stayed in the Via Dataria, near the Quirinal Palace.… More

Fr Jean-Claude Colin in Rome (1)

The First Visit: September 1833 – February 1834

Between 1833 and 1854, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, the Founder of the Society of Mary, visited Rome five times. In all, he spent 18 months there. The purpose of these visits was, first of all, to present the general plan for the Society of Mary to Church authorities; secondly, to discuss the Constitutions of the Society with Church authorities; and, eventually, to negotiate with the Roman Curia in regard to the complications of the mission in the Pacific that had been assigned to the Society of Mary.… More

A Reflection on Mary, Mother of God

There are at least eleven explicit and/or implicit references to Mary in the Gospel of Luke

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