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Being Childlike(Comments Off on Being Childlike)

April 1, 2018

By Bridget Taumoepeau

One day at Mass two little girls went up at communion time to receive a blessing. I saw them shyly wave to a couple sitting in front of me, who must have been their grandparents. After the blessing the shyness was gone and they rushed up to the couple, ran into their pew and hugged and embraced them. … More

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St Peregrine — Patron of Cancer Sufferers

By Tricia O'Donnell

As saints go, is not amongst the most well-known, although many who do know him find great comfort through his intercession. He is the patron saint of cancer sufferers and today almost everyone is touched by this terrible disease is some way, if not personally, then through a friend or loved one.… More

The Magi — The Three Wise Kings

By Beate Matthies

Die Drei Koenige

When I came to New Zealand and started to go to church here, I felt immediately at home. There are differences in some details, but, all in all, the Mass is the same. It was not until Christmas and New Year that I realised how different Catholicism was in New Zealand compared to Germany.More

The Advent Challenge

by Maria Kennedy

Barbara decided she would spend Advent bringing Christmas cheer. She would try to say positive things and do positive acts that brought goodwill to her fellows. Her husband Roger didn’t quite decide, but more casually adopted a more reflective approach to preparing himself for Christmas.… More

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