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July 31, 2022

Ko Hāta Maria, te Matua Wahine o Te Atua

In Aotearoa - New Zealand, in Māori culture, meeting houses (whare nui or whare puni) are symbols of tribal prestige and are often named after, and seen as the embodiment of, a tribal ancestor.… More

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Why I’m Still a Catholic

A young person's perspective on the Eucharist

Recently my nine-year-old brother, who is struggling with being bored with Mass, told me that He keeps asking God to show Him He is real but isn’t getting any response.… More

What on earth is the Synod on Synodality?!!!

When I was a boy we had a party line telephone in the house. Because we were in the countryside we shared the line with several other households.… More

Resurrection in time of Coronavirus

The following is extracted from a podcast of the same name.

We’re coming up on Holy Week. That might be hard to believe.… More

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