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About Us

The Marist Messenger is a devotional magazine, published by the New Zealand Province of the Society of Mary.

We aim to provide material which will help people pray with the Scriptures each day through our Daily Reflections article. In support of that, we have regular articles on prayer and scripture.

The magazine hopes to provide inspiration for the Christian life and so you will find examples of Christianity in action, inspirational stories, accounts of the lives of the saints, news about our overseas missionaries and musing about the role of God in our lives.

Occasionally you will find a poem or an interview, or an article on Church history - in fact anything that we think might help you on your life journey.

Our regular features also endeavour to provide some entertainment with a crossword and a jokes page and an occasional light-hearted article.

We also include the opportunity for you to record those who are close to you who have died. All those recorded in the Magazine's Remembering Our Dead are remembered in Mass by the Editor.

We would like you to join our Website community. You are invited to use the Comments Section of the website to comment and reflect on what you have read.