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October 2, 2018

St Thérèse of The Infant Jesus would almost certainly have remained unknown to the world at large had it not been for her elder sister Pauline, who, in 1895, was Prioress of the Lisieux Carmel where Thérèse lived. In passing we should also note that of Thérèse’s four sisters, three of them were also at that time living with her under the same convent roof.… More

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A Mother’s View Of Our Lady

When we are troubled, and pray for help, Mary has been there before us. She understands how we are feeling, and can ask God to strengthen and help us. She lived through so many crises in her life.

She was a young girl, pregnant to an unknown (to others) person.… More

St Tarcisius

Tarcisius lived in the third century under the cruel reign of Emperor Valerian.

St Marcellin Champagnat 1789 — 1840

I joined a group of students saddened at the chaotic and depressed state of the Church in post-Revolutionary France, and together we forged the shape of a new kind of priesthood

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