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“Loving People Back to Life” — Caryll Houselander(Comments Off on “Loving People Back to Life” — Caryll Houselander)

July 30, 2021
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When Caryll was 16, her mother abruptly withdrew her from school because she needed her daughter’s help running the boarding house. Returning reluctantly, Caryll found herself working for her mother as a domestic servant. One of her many tasks was shopping for groceries and her second vision occurred while she was shopping for potatoes.… More

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“Loving People Back to Life” — Caryll Houselander

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In early 1942, an amazing medical referral took place. Dr Eric Strauss, one of Great Britain’s most distinguished psychiatrists and neurologists, quietly began sending emotionally disturbed boys to spend time with a woman who was a spiritual writer, wood carver, poet, and mystic.… More

Pope St John XXIII Mystic Pope

Believing that the position as Cardinal of Venice would be his final service to the church, no one was more surprised than Roncalli when he was elected Pope five years later in October, 1958. In fact, he even arrived at the Vatican for the consistory having purchased a return train ticket to Venice.More

Pope St John XXIII – Mystic Pope

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My guiding principles remain the same:
humility in everything, especially in my
speech, union with God and the will of God, and not my own, in all I do.

Pope St John XXIII

In the days immediately after being elected Pope, John XXIII received a letter from Bruno, a twelve-year-old boy.More

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