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Fr John Jago SM(0)

October 2, 2018

Born 1 September 1932
Professed 2 February 1964
Ordained 19 August 1967
Died 17 July 2018

This is an edited version of the funeral homily given by Fr Tom Ryan SM.

John Jago was born in Grafton, NSW, the first of five children.… More

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Rosaleen Conway

16 November 1934 - 19 October 2017

Rosaleen, who died last year, was a regular contributor to the Marist Messenger. The editor at that time, Michael Unverricht, paid the following tribute to Rosaleen.

During the 1980s, Rosaleen became involved in the life of the Marist Messenger.More

A School for Prayer (15) – Lectio Divina

Subiaco – St Benedict

Chartreuse – Guigo the Carthusian

By Fr Craig Larkin SM, 1943 - 2015


John Cassian

Our study of the experience of prayer has kept us in the Eastern part of the Christian world: the Desert regions of Egypt, Palestine, Sinai and Syria.… More

Story of a Story

St Thérèse of The Infant Jesus would almost certainly have remained unknown to the world at large had it not been for her elder sister Pauline, who, in 1895, was Prioress of the Lisieux Carmel where Thérèse lived. In passing we should also note that of Thérèse’s four sisters, three of them were also at that time living with her under the same convent roof.… More

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