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Becoming the Person God Intended(0)

May 31, 2021

Marist Youth Leader, 2021

As a young and impressionable third former at St Bede’s College in 1966, Fr Mark Walls SM can remember Fr Bill Spillane regaling the students with stories of the St Bede’s legends -- Herb Lee’s 10 second 100 yards in 1924, Reg Warren’s unbeaten record at Inter-school sports in the 1940s, Dave Gledhill’s penalty against Xavier College in 1959.… More

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We Must Choose

Prayerful Reflection with the Movie Contagion

Watching Steven Soderbergh’s movie Contagion is somewhat disconcerting, which has not stopped great numbers of people around the world watching it in recent times.

In one sense, it’s an ‘older’ movie, given it first appeared in 2011.… More

Pope St John XXIII Mystic Pope

Believing that the position as Cardinal of Venice would be his final service to the church, no one was more surprised than Roncalli when he was elected Pope five years later in October, 1958. In fact, he even arrived at the Vatican for the consistory having purchased a return train ticket to Venice.More

“For You Were Strangers In The Land of Egypt”

Five years ago, I visited the UK during the Brexit campaign. It was an interesting time to be there. However, for me, the historic importance of the vote’s outcome was overshadowed by a chance meeting the day after.

I was leaning on the railing along the promenade of a south coast town, stoically enjoying the cold, grey, drizzly summer’s day, watching the waves break on the stony beach, when a young man suddenly appeared beside me.… More

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