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A School for Prayer (17)(0)

December 1, 2018

Lectio Divina

Chartreuse – Guigo the Carthusian

By Fr Craig  Larkin SM, 1943 - 2015


Guigo the Carthusian

Guigo II was the 9th prior of the Grande Chartreuse, France. Little is known of him other than that he became prior of the monastery in 1174 and that after a few years in office he resigned.… More

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New Year Resolutions

Emmet McHardy knew and understood the Bible’s teachings and put his prayer into action.

The Gift of a Child

In the chapel of the Retreat House at Manresa in Dublin there is a beautiful sculpture of the Madonna and Child. Mary is clasping the infant to her shoulder in a gentle embrace. As my Director pointed out, it is very unusual for the Child to be facing His mother, rather than looking out at us.… More

Bishop John Doaninoel SM

Born 1 March 1950 in Tinputz, Bougainville
Professed 2 February 1976
Ordained Priest 20 December 1980
Ordained Bishop 8 March 2008
Died 7 August 2018, at Holy Cross Residence, Honiara

Bishop John Doaninoel was described as an important and a powerful Marist figure in the Church in Oceania.… More

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