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The Interior Castle of
St Teresa of Jesus of Ávila(Comments Off on The Interior Castle of
St Teresa of Jesus of Ávila)

December 1, 2020

Part 2 of 7

The Second Mansion

St Teresa writes briefly and concisely on the Second Mansion and it is all worth reading. This Mansion is called the proper entrance to the Castle and has the word prayer marked over it.… More

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Fr (Michael) Vincent Curtain SM

Born: 4 July 1932, in Greymouth
Professed: 7 February 1954
Ordained: 20 July 1958
Died: 20 September 2020 in Christchurch

Michael Vincent Curtain was born in Greymouth in 1932. His family moved to Motueka and then to Nelson, where Vince attended St Joseph’s Primary School.… More

Celebrating the Immaculate Conception in Wellington, 1855

M Jean François Yvert was born in Pleuville, France on 10 June 1796. He arrived in Kororāreka, Aotearoa New Zealand, on 15 June 1841, and was the printer for the Catholic Mission based at Kororāreka. He arrived in Wellington with Bishop Viard on 1 May 1850.… More

The God Nobody Seemed To Want

The Messiah was predicted and longed for among the Jewish people but when God actually came among us, the light was so different from what was expected, that in our shallow human perceptions it appeared that Christ was the God that nobody seemed to want.… More

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