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June Crossword(0)

May 31, 2018



1 Marc get organised! Study all night for the test! (4)

3 I hear there is a specialised minister called Charlie! (8)

9 There is a member of the Conservative Party in a small chapel! (7)

10 Mistake sees restorer lose set!… More

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April Crossword


1 Gives a lift up the slope. Poor, wet no longer! (4,3)

5 Bridal path? (5)

8 Briefly kneel before the altar to put pay to fence glut! (9)

9 151? A short clip in Roman times! (3)

10 Somewhat dull with unusual needs!… More

March Crossword



1 Author documents secret calendar of
liturgical days! (4)

3 Goodly ox wanders at concluding prayer of praise! (8)

9 Tip eels carelessly over Scripture passage! (7)

10 Spirit of darkness lived dreadfully! (5)

11 Mouth area finds bit of strudel tasty!… More

February Crossword


1 Use a dissolute man to remove autumn leaves? (4)

3 Iliad man misconstrued Bishop’s five yearly report to the Pope! (2,6)

9 It stands for something (7)

10 Ocean tossed, narrow boat! (5)

11 Mesmerizing magic string? (12)

14 He’s confused when referred to as a woman!… More

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