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July 1, 2020

Saint Lawrence
of Brindisi

Lawrence was born in Brindisi, Italy, and named Caesare de Rossi. At the age of 16, he became a Franciscan and took the name Lawrence. Well-educated at the University of Padua, he began preaching soon after ordination.… More

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June Saints

Blessed Anne of St Bartholomew Garcia

Anne was born in Castile, Spain. She was of humble origin and spent her youth in solitude and prayer tending the flocks. She entered the convent as a Carmelite lay sister and made her vows on 15 August 1572, taking the name of Sister Anne of St Bartholomew.… More

May Saints

Blessed Ursulina of Parma

Born in Parma, Italy,Ursulina received visions and experienced ecstasies. When she was fifteen, she was told by the visions to go to Avignon, France, to convince the anti-pope there, Clement VII, to step down, and so end the Great Western Schism that had troubled the Church since 1378.… More

April Saints

Blessed Maria
Assunta Pallotta

Maria Assunta was born in Piceno, Italy. In her youth she was obliged to perform every manner of lowly service in order to help her impoverished parents. She attracted everybody by her modest reserve. Jesus in the tabernacle was the love of her soul.… More

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