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May 31, 2018

by Kilian de Lacy

Saint Teresa of Portugal (1178-1250)

Born a princess, Teresa was the oldest daughter of King Sancho I. She was married to King Alfonso IX of Leon of Spain and mother of three children. Several years into the marriage, it was dissolved by the Vatican upon the revelation that Teresa and Alfonso were cousins. … More

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May Saints

by Kilian de Lacy

Saint Ursula Ledochowska  (1865-1939)

Guilia Ledóchowska was one of a large family.  Professed at age 24, Guilia took the name Maria Ursula of Jesus and spent her whole life working to fulfil the desire she expressed at that time, “If only I knew how to love, to burn and consume myself in love.”

In the convent at Krakow, she became known as a talented teacher, sensitive to the needs of children in the changing social, political and moral conditions of the time. … More

April Saints

Blessed Luigi Boccardo

Luigi Boccardo was born in Moncalieri, Italy, the seventh of nine children. Although his parents were farmers, they encouraged Luigi in his desire to study and enrolled him with the Barnabite Fathers.

When the young man wanted to study for the priesthood, however, his parents were reluctant but Luigi entered the diocesan seminary in 1877.… More

March Saints

Saint Teresa Eustochio Verzeri

Saint Teresa Verzeri was born in Bergamo, Italy, the first of seven children to be born to Antonio Verzeri and Countess Elena Pedrocca-Grumelli. Teresa learned from her mother to know and love God. Intelligent, gifted with an open spirit, vigilant and upright, she was educated to discern, to seek true values and to be faithful to the action of grace.… More

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