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April 30, 2021

Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis

Élodie Paradis was born in the village of L’Acadie, Quebec, the third in a family of six children. As she was growing up, a family friend, Camille Lefebvre, told Élodie about the existence of a community of religious women, the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross, whose mission was to serve in institutions established by priests and men religious.… More

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April Saints

Saint Rafael Arnáiz Barón

Rafael Arnáiz Barón was born, the eldest of four, into a well-to-do Christian family of Burgos, Spain. He attended several schools run by Jesuits and his sensitivity to spiritual topics and to art was apparent from boyhood.… More

March Saints

Blessed Celestina of the Mother of God

Marianna Donati was born in Florence. At the age of 13 she made her first Holy Communion and felt the first stirrings of a religious vocation. After spending some inconclusive time with the Vallombrosane sisters, she returned to her family and entrusted herself to the guidance of a Piarist priest, Father Celestino Zini.… More

February Saints

Saint Lucy Yi Zhen-mei (1815-1862)

Lucy Yi Zhen-mei was from Mianyang in Sichuan, China, born in 1815, the youngest member in her family. She was a very pious child, to the extent that she made a commitment to chastity at 12 years of age. … More

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