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January 31, 2019

Saints Francisco & Jacinta Marto
(d. 1919, 1920)

Francisco Marto was born in June 1908 and his sister, Jacinta, two years later. They were the youngest children of their parents and typical of Portuguese village children of that time. They were illiterate but had a rich oral tradition on which to rely.… More

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January Saints

Blessed Candelaria de San Jose

Susana Paz-Castillo Ramírez was born in Altagracia de Orituco, Venezuela. Her father died when Susana was seven. Her mother was a pious woman, and a hard and honest worker. Till her death in 1887, she dedicated her life to giving her children the best education she could afford and instilled in them Christian faith and values.… More

December Saints

Saint Edburga of Thanet (d. 751)

Edburga was the only daughter of King Centwine and Queen Engyth of Wessex, the 8th century royal family of Kent, England. She became a Benedictine nun of the Minster-in-Thanet Abbey in 716 where she became a friend and student of Saint Mildrith, whom she eventually succeeded as Abbess.… More

November Saints

Blessed Luigi & Maria Quattrochi

Luigi was born in 1880 in Catania, Italy. He obtained a degree in law, and entered the service of the Inland Revenue Department, holding responsible positions in the Italian State.

Maria Corsini was born in 1884 to a noble family in Florence.… More

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