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Plea for a Marian Church(0)

April 1, 2020

By Fr François Marc SM

I would like to plead for a Marian church:
not a church that multiplies processions
or blesses huge statues …;
rather a church that “lives the Gospel after the manner of Mary.”

A Marian church follows Mary into the mountains
going off with her to encounter life.… More

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Fr Jean Baptiste Petitjean SM ‘Parish Priest to all New Zealand’

Part 3 of 3

In the early morning of 1 May 1850, Bishop Philippe Viard celebrated Mass on the deck of the Clara as she sailed into Wellington harbour after a ten-day voyage from Auckland. This was his first Mass as bishop of the newly created Diocese of Wellington.… More

Marist Mission in Bahia

The Mission of the Society of Mary in Bahia, Brazil, began in 1987. This happened after much research in order to find a diocese that was located in a poor area of the country where we could offer support, not only in parish ministry, but also to the diocese as a whole.… More

Fr Jean Baptiste Petitjean SM ‘Parish Priest to all New Zealand’

Part 2 of 3

On 11 December 1841, Fr Jean-Baptiste Petitjean wrote to the founder of the Marist order, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, from Kororāreka in The Bay of Islands. In his letter Fr Petitjean recalled his first days as a Marist missionary.… More

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