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Pā Hohepa’s Dream (1)(Comments Off on Pā Hohepa’s Dream (1))

July 1, 2017
Pa Hohepa, Fr Delach Full Story»

Fr Francis Delachienne sm, known as Fr Delach and as Pā Hohepa

Fr Delach arrived in NZ within months of his ordination in 1890. He spent his entire ministry in this country among Māori. He became steeped in te reo and tikanga – language and custom.

Fr Delphin Moreau sm – ‘A man for all seasons’

One of the most striking features of Moreau’s personality was his remarkable ability to adapt to very different milieux and demands.

Fr Jean-Baptiste Chataigner sm – The ‘Apostle of Canterbury’

Cahtaigner won people over by gentleness and got his own way by tact, rather than by imperious commands.’

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