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October 2, 2021

Some Common-Sense Answers

After her spouse died, a woman wrote in her journal: “I feel like I'm a hampster on a wheel going round and round but going nowhere.… More

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Euthanasia or Letting Go?

In the past number of years, there have been numerous essays concerning euthanasia in the Marist Messenger, rightly so, because it is a critically important topic.… More

How to Judge Others – Fairly

A fourteen-year-old girl entering 9th grade laments that other students have judged and isolated her as being unattractive.

A stay-at-home father of young children experiences judgment from others for being lazy, unmotivated and for living off his wife.More

New Zealand General Election 19 September 2020

The Recreational Cannabis Referendum

The referendum is about whether or not to make recreational cannabis legal.

The choice

Voters are asked to choose
“Yes.… More

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