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The Problem with Euthanasia(1)

February 28, 2018

Fr Neil Vaney sm

A seeming paradox

Recent phone polls asking New Zealanders if they favour legalised euthanasia found about 70% in favour and 30% opposed. Interestingly, these figures are an exact reversal of the more than 20,000 personal submissions to a parliamentary sub-committee last year where 70% opposed any change to the legislation.… More

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Euthanasia – Dangerous Trends (2)

Debra Vermeer

The euthanasia situation in Belgium is similar to that in the Netherlands, where the figures for 2015, show a 41 per cent increase in euthanasia/assisted suicide deaths over the last four years.

In 2014-2015, nearly 4000 people underwent euthanasia in Belgium, of which 124 cases were justified on the basis of behavioural, mental or psychological disorders, rather than a terminal illness.… More

Euthanasia – Dangerous Trends (1)

by Debra Vermeer

The practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide overseas has been a disaster, with so-called safeguards failing and doctor-assisted killing on the rise, and not just for the terminally ill, says world-renowned ethicist Professor Margaret Somerville.

‘It’s a mess, and a growing mess,’ she says.… More