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An Appeal for Help(Comments Off on An Appeal for Help)

March 1, 2020

The Sisters of the Child Jesus, based in Kasama, Zambia, are a local order founded almost a hundred years ago. The Sisters run a day-care centre for 103 destitute children, a project started by volunteers from Jersey, U.K., who could not keep it going.… More

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Bad News Travels Fast

It would be a rare dining room table, restaurant, bar or office which didn’t feature reflective conversations regarding terror events as they happen around the world. Whether it be a random shooting by an unbalanced co-worker or a ‘bullied’ student, or a carefully planned attack on a concert or a mosque or church.… More

How Green Is Francis?


With Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si, a sea-change is sweeping in. It invites, even demands, that we all reflect on our preaching, spirituality and lifestyle. What it asks of us is that unless we accept Francis’ challenge we will be part of the culture of indifference or resignation that is gradually leading to the degradation and eventual demise of our planet.… More

Synod on the Family 2014-15

Early in October, almost 200 Bishops met in Rome to discuss the challenges facing modern families and the way in which the Church might assist the laity in meeting their vocation. Even though the laity were invited to submit views on the topic, the three week deadline they were given was quite unworkable and smacked of tokenism.… More

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