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On the Synodal Journey(Comments Off on On the Synodal Journey)


As Catholics, we believe that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church into a fuller understanding of the divine mysteries of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.… More

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I believe …

For me, one of the most moving moments at Mass is hearing my neighbour in the pews recite the Creed. Whether or not this is someone that I know personally, it is always a very emotional moment.… More

When Frailty Hits Home

We do enjoy our own and each other’s high achievements. In sport, artistic endeavours, economic benchmarks, scientific breakthroughs, newly-married love all provide us with delight, awe and wonder, and give us a sense that all is right with the world.… More

The Death of Jesus…

… and how the Resurrection Changes the Way We See the World

The disbelief

One of the objections devout Muslims have with Christianity is that the All-Holy and All-Powerful One could die as a man.… More

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