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October 31, 2018

The limits of human knowledge

On my computer I have images of galaxies in deep space captured by the Hubble telescope in its orbit around the earth. I’m stunned by their beauty and complexity. Even more than that I’m amazed that only 5% of our universe is accessible to us; according to astrophysicists about 95% is made up of dark energy and dark matter undetectable by our instruments.… More

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A much-debated question in theology is how much a person can work towards their own salvation. Are they merely the passive recipient of God’s grace – is it all God at work? Do they earn their place in heaven – is it all them at work?… More

Mary and the Reformation (7) – John Calvin (1509 – 1564) Part 2

True praise of Mary

Christian praise is praise of God. Yet Calvin was not against praising Mary if it was done in the right way: “Let us learn to praise the holy Virgin. But how? By going along with the Holy Spirit, and then there will be true praise.” Mary herself recognised that, mere ‘servant of the Lord’ that she was, she was “chosen by God before she was born, even before the creation, and numbered among God’s own, and not as though she had come to God by her own motion.” In the inspired words of Elizabeth, “it is the Holy Spirit who proclaims Mary blessed because she believed, and in praising Mary’s faith generally teaches us where true human happiness is located.” So, Mary is an object of admiration, praise, and imitation.… More

Mary and the Reformation (6)

It is sometimes said that Calvin had no Mariology, but this is an error

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