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The Mind of Christ the Mass and You – Part 2 of 2(Comments Off on The Mind of Christ the Mass and You – Part 2 of 2)

August 1, 2019

Contact with the Mind of Christ

What do we need then to ensure that the power of the Mass to transform our minds is in fact efficacious? An intense, constantly renewed desire that Christ’s mind should become our mind, a willingness to seek this, together with a recognition that we depend more on his grace than on our efforts.… More

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The Mind of Christ, the Mass and You – Part 1 of 2

An approach to deepen our participation

Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus
Philippians 2:5

In that scripture text we find expressed the drive towards the fullness of life of the Christian; what growth in the Christian life seeks to achieve.… More

The Afterlife

The limits of human knowledge

On my computer I have images of galaxies in deep space captured by the Hubble telescope in its orbit around the earth. I’m stunned by their beauty and complexity. Even more than that I’m amazed that only 5% of our universe is accessible to us; according to astrophysicists about 95% is made up of dark energy and dark matter undetectable by our instruments.… More


A much-debated question in theology is how much a person can work towards their own salvation. Are they merely the passive recipient of God’s grace – is it all God at work? Do they earn their place in heaven – is it all them at work?… More

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