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A Very Modern Model of a Marist Seminarian!(0)

October 2, 2018

Formation for the modern Marist seminarian has changed drastically in recent years, with most of their formation now taking place overseas. Ben D’sousa gives an insight into his formation experience.

When I was first told that I would be going to Rome to study theology, it was one of those moments when I regretted taking the vow of obedience!… More

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Mary’s Month

I have never been convinced by the claim of northern hemisphere Catholics that “May is Mary’s Month.”

I have never been convinced by explanations that try to attach Christian meanings to non-Christian customs and festivals. 

I prefer to follow the liturgical year and the church calendar that have been set out for us in the Roman Missal.… More

Learning from Mary

“Teach us Holy Mary, a loving song to sing…”

Mary! Here portrayed as my sister, my neighbour, my Model, my Prompt, wearing so well the creaturehood we share with you.

Mary, head lowered, quick to recognise the holy one before you, approaching you, in our midst.… More

Feast of St Mary Magdalene

July 22

In 2016, recognising St. Mary Magdalene's role as the first to witness Christ's resurrection and as a "true and authentic evangeliser," Pope Francis raised the July 22 Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to a Feast on the Church's liturgical calendar.… More

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