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The Light of the World(0)

December 1, 2018

In ancient times, many people regarded the sun as the most important god. The sun gave the world warmth and light. Fires were lit during winter to boost the weakening strength of the sun. Sol, the sun-god, was the principal deity of the Roman Empire, and 25 December, by which day the sun had begun to come back to the skies of the northern hemisphere, was Sol’s birthday.… More

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Remembering our Dead

During November we pray especially for those who have died -- friends, family members, fellow parishioners and even people we never met, believing that it is an act of love to pray for them. Since they now live outside time, in eternity, our prayers are of benefit to them at the very moment of their entering eternity, at the moment they died.… More

A Very Modern Model of a Marist Seminarian!

Formation for the modern Marist seminarian has changed drastically in recent years, with most of their formation now taking place overseas. Ben D’souza gives an insight into his formation experience.

When I was first told that I would be going to Rome to study theology, it was one of those moments when I regretted taking the vow of obedience!… More

Mary’s Month

I have never been convinced by the claim of northern hemisphere Catholics that “May is Mary’s Month.”

I have never been convinced by explanations that try to attach Christian meanings to non-Christian customs and festivals. 

I prefer to follow the liturgical year and the church calendar that have been set out for us in the Roman Missal.… More

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