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Communion in the Hand(0)

May 31, 2018

Fr Merv Duffy SM

In the period after the second Vatican Council there were many changes in the celebration of the Mass, including: the use of English rather than Latin, the dialogue mass with the people responding to the words of the priest, the sign of peace, and the possibility of communion under both kinds.… More

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St Patrick’s Church, Sydney


Fr Michael Whelan SM

In May 1818, Fr Jeremiah O’Flynn left the consecrated host with lay-Catholics in Sydney when he was deported. In 1868, St Patrick’s, Sydney was entrusted to the Society of Mary. Along with bishops from around Australia, the Most Reverend Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher OP, will celebrate the noon Mass at St Patrick’s on 6 May, the date on which Fr O’Flynn left the host; and on 16 September, marking the Marist sesquicentenary in the parish.… More

An Easter Sunday Reflection

By Fr Kevin
Bates sm

What an alarming moment as Mary Magdalene and the disciples discover the empty tomb where Jesus had laid. Along with all the disciples, and with Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary Magdalene has been through several days of deep grief.… More

Jean Claude Colin – a Reluctant Saint?

Fr Ron Nissen sm

The Cause for Beatification of Marist Founder,
Fr Jean-Claude Colin

When Jean-Claude Colin died on 15 November 1875, few people were concerned about his beatification. Perhaps none. The Marists were mourning the passing of their Founder and father.… More

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