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August 31, 2019

As we see it ... the “giant leap for mankind”

All of us would echo the words of the Holy Father in his dedicatory inscription that was placed on the surface of the moon: “For the glory of the name of God who gives man such power, we pray and wish well for this marvellous endeavour”.… More

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September Crossword

Solution for August

Across: 1 Camerlengo, 6 Shh, 7 Esau, 9 Rota, 10 Credence, 11 Glebe, 15 Paten, 16 Verse, 17 Scree, 19 Stink,
24 Agnostic, 25 Rain, 27 Icon, 28 IHS, 29 Encyclical. 

Down: 1 Chet, 2 Educe,
3 Laver, 4 Novena, 5 On-screen, 6 Sprig, 8 Saab,
12 Lychgate, 13 Eve, 14 Err,
15 Pes, 18 Exotic, 20 Taro,
21 Kings, 22 Stoic, 23 Sci-fi, 26 Anil. … More

Can You Bear It?

The doctor had an urgent call from a man saying his small son had swallowed a fountain pen. “I’ll come right away”, said the doctor. “What are you doing in the meantime?” “Using a pencil”, was the reply.


The bore was describing his experience at the Grand Canyon.… More

September Saints

Blessed Maria Vittoria Strata of Genoa

Maria Vittoria De Fornari was born in Genoa, the seventh of nine children.

Maria married Angelo Strata on 21 March 1579 and bore six children. In late 1587 her husband fell ill and died not long after, leaving her pregnant with her last child.… More

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