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November Crossword(0)

November 1, 2021

The winner of the Marist Messenger prize for the ? Crossword was Robert Thompson of North Sydney, NSW

Solution for October

Across: 1 Sabbath, 5 Amass,
8 Roman Catholic, 9 Lot,
10 Synagogue, 12 Should,
13 Heresy, 15 Pussyfoot,
16 Hem, 18 Thessalonians,
20 Resin, 21 Resists. … More

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Can You Bear It?

An elderly lady had stopped to pull into a parking space when a young man in his new red Mercedes went around her and parked in the space she was going into.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

St Bede’s 60th Year

St Bede’s was not the first secondary school founded by the Society of Mary in the South Island.… More

November Saints

Saint Guido Maria Conforti

Guido Maria Conforti was born in Parma, Italy, the eighth of ten children. He attended an elementary school run by the De La Salle Brothers from 1872 and each day, on his way to the school, he would stop by the church of Santa Maria della Pace, where he used to have conversations with the crucified Christ.… More

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