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Pope in Morocco and Belgium(0)

June 1, 2019

Last Saturday and Sunday I undertook an Apostolic Journey to Morocco, invited by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. To him and to the other Moroccan authorities I renew my gratitude. The King was so brotherly, so friendly, so close.

Above all I thank the Lord, who permitted me to take another step on the path of dialogue and encounter with Muslim brothers and sisters, to be — as the motto of the Journey stated — “Servant of Hope” in today’s world.… More

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Can You Bear It?

"I wouldn't worry too much about your son making mud pies and wanting to eat them. It's quite normal". "Well, I don't think so", said the worried mother, "and neither does his wife".

In an attempt to be politically correct,
Guy Chapman changed his name to Person Personperson.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

Tourists will create problems for a Mission

An element that is going to change the pattern of Catholic life near this station of Wairiki is the proposed hotel that is to be erected by Travelodge, the mighty American company.

Such places always attract a group of camp followers who generally upset the tenor of life for the locals and introduce an undesirable attitude towards religion and the steady pursuit of the ideals and standards of Christian behaviour.… More

June Saints

Pope St John XXIII

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born at Sotto il Monte, Italy. He entered the Bergamo junior seminary in 1892. It was there that he began making spiritual notes and undertaking regular spiritual direction. In 1897 he made his profession as a Secular Franciscan.… More

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