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January 1, 2021

St André Bessette


“When things get tough, the tough get going” could be the motto applied to many saints who retained their vision for
doing God’s work despite almost overwhelming odds.

Alfred Bessette was born in Mon-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec, the ninth of 13 children, four of whom died in infancy.… More

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Marist Third Order –
A Joyful Christmas

You will have been following Pope Paul’s visit to Samoa and to Australia. As Marists, we are proud to be “the Pope’s men and women”.

He recently warned us not to let the true meaning of Christmas “be suffocated by profane customs that change its sacred nature”.… More

December Crossword

The winner of the Marist Messenger prize for the October Crossword was Joyce Taylor of  Christchurch

Solution for November

Across: 1 Stamina, 5 Ridel,
8 Oratory, 9 Lyric, 10 Pieta,
11 Unclean, 12 Reader,
14 Virtue, 17 Diptych,
19 Feria, 22 Aglow,
23 Kerygma, 24 Stash,
25 Apostle. … More

Can You Bear It?

Real Estate Agent: "This house has its good points and its bad points. The disadvantages are a chemical plant one street south and a slaughterhouse one street north". Prospective Buyer: "Goodness gracious! What are the advantages?" Agent: "You can always tell which way the wind is blowing".… More

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