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Out of Darkness … into Light(0)

April 1, 2019

Out of darkness God has called us,
Claimed by Christ as God’s own people.
Holy nation, royal priesthood,
Walking in God’s marvellous light.
-- Refrain from the hymn Out of Darkness by Christopher Walker

The images on the cover and on page 2 of this issue of the Messenger are evocative of the account of Easter morning in St John’s Gospel (20:1).… More

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April Saints

Blessed Karl I of Austria

In 1916, Archduke Karl, after a strict Catholic, aristocratic and military upbringing, inherited the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was still only twenty-nine, handsome, popular, and charming, married to a lovely young woman, Zita of the royal house of Bourbon-Parma.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

The Everest Crucifix

It is fairly well known that a small crucifix that was once attached to a rosary now lies in the eternal snows at the top of Mt Everest. It was placed there by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.… More

April Crossword

Solution for March

Across: 1 Shrive, 4 Bishop, 9 Holy See, 10 Basso, 11 Lucre, 12 Eremite, 13 Cross bearer, 18 Integer, 20 Halve, 22 Pieta, 23 Triduum, 24 Tithes, 25 Stases. 

Down: 1 Schola, 2 Relic, 3 Vespers, 5 Imbue, 6 Hospice, 7 Proper, 8 Reverberate, 14 Retreat, 15 Atheist, 16 Tippet, 17 Hermes, 19 Grace, 21 Louts.… More

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