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April 30, 2019

A Cardinal for New Zealand

The elevation of our metropolitan, Archbishop McKeefry, to be a Prince of the Church marks a stage in the life of the Church here. It is a sign not only of our coming of age as a Christian community but that this is recognised by our supreme Pastor in Rome.… More

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MM 50 Years Ago

The Everest Crucifix

It is fairly well known that a small crucifix that was once attached to a rosary now lies in the eternal snows at the top of Mt Everest. It was placed there by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.… More

The Winter of God, by James K Baxter,

The winter of middle age is sent to us so that we should learn to throw our natural youth as a willing sacrifice on the bonfire and grow young again in God. It is only those who cling desperately to the natural level – to a sexuality that may be inopportune, to material possessions, to social status, to a sense of failure because of unachieved material ambitions – who are forging out for themselves a thoroughly lonely and ice-encrusted old age.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

In his Marist Third Order column, under the heading Off to a Flying Start, Fr Maurice Mulcahy, who was both editor of the MM and National Director of the Marist Third Order, wrote:

Some may prefer the old days when the clergy ran most things and the laity merely pointed out the mistakes they made, but the Third Order must now stand -- and move forward -- on its own feet.More

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