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August 31, 2019

As we see it ... the “giant leap for mankind”

All of us would echo the words of the Holy Father in his dedicatory inscription that was placed on the surface of the moon: “For the glory of the name of God who gives man such power, we pray and wish well for this marvellous endeavour”.… More

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Cardinal of the South Pacific

Our Cardinal’s welcome home in June was a triumph. His people paid a rare tribute of loyalty and love to a Father in God who despite his deep and obvious affection for them is yet reserved in manner.… More

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Tourists will create problems for a Mission

An element that is going to change the pattern of Catholic life near this station of Wairiki is the proposed hotel that is to be erected by Travelodge, the mighty American company.

Such places always attract a group of camp followers who generally upset the tenor of life for the locals and introduce an undesirable attitude towards religion and the steady pursuit of the ideals and standards of Christian behaviour.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

A Cardinal for New Zealand

The elevation of our metropolitan, Archbishop McKeefry, to be a Prince of the Church marks a stage in the life of the Church here. It is a sign not only of our coming of age as a Christian community but that this is recognised by our supreme Pastor in Rome.… More

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