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The Winter of God, by James K Baxter,(0)

February 28, 2019

The winter of middle age is sent to us so that we should learn to throw our natural youth as a willing sacrifice on the bonfire and grow young again in God. It is only those who cling desperately to the natural level – to a sexuality that may be inopportune, to material possessions, to social status, to a sense of failure because of unachieved material ambitions – who are forging out for themselves a thoroughly lonely and ice-encrusted old age.… More

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MM 50 Years Ago

In his Marist Third Order column, under the heading Off to a Flying Start, Fr Maurice Mulcahy, who was both editor of the MM and National Director of the Marist Third Order, wrote:

Some may prefer the old days when the clergy ran most things and the laity merely pointed out the mistakes they made, but the Third Order must now stand -- and move forward -- on its own feet.More

A ‘Gate of Heaven’ in Australia

St Patrick's Sydney a 'Gate of Heaven'

For the Ordinary Things

for the Messenger by M.H.B.

Thank you, Lord, for the ordinary things,

for the frost for the cold and the glow they bring.

For the child who is well and the child who is not

warm and content in her own little cot.More

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