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Where have all the preachers gone?(0)

September 1, 2020

I read the other day a rather convincing argument that one of the faults in the Church today is the absence of the old time sermon. I am partly in agreement, though I don’t think anyone would like preachers to revert to the hell-fire thunderings of long ago.… More

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Carmel in Iceland

In June 1939, three Carmelite nuns from Holland arrived in Iceland, where they established themselves in Hafnarfjordhur, near Reykjavik, the capital. The Hitler War started soon afterwards, during which no other Sisters were able to join them. In 1943, then, they accepted the hospitality of Carmelite nuns in the United States, where they remained until 1945, when, with the end of hostilities, they returned to Iceland.… More

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St Mary of the Angels Choir

Mr Maxwell Fernie (below, left) was appointed musical director at St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, in 1958. He became organist as well on the retirement of Mrs G P Aldridge, who had been the organist since March 1925.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

Sound Training for Island Brothers

From Fr M Bransfield SM, Marist Training Centre, Tutu, Taveuni, Fiji:

With the Brothers and aspirants now in class, things are at last taking shape here. We are aiming at a basic standard of education for our Brother trainees.… More

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