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A Joyful Christmas(0)

December 1, 2020

You will have been following Pope Paul’s visit to Samoa and to Australia. As Marists, we are proud to be “the Pope’s men and women”.

He recently warned us not to let the true meaning of Christmas “be suffocated by profane customs that change its sacred nature”.… More

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Marist Brothers’ Islands’ Advances

Marist Brothers’ Islands’ Advances

The Society of Mary has already made a good start with its newly founded Vocational Training Centre for Island Brothers at Tutu on Taveuni Island, Fiji. This is under the direction of Fr Michael Bransfield SM, aided by Brother Kevin SM and other experts.… More

The jet-age Pope

Pope Paul comes to the South West Pacific in late November and will stay in Sydney for three or four days.

He comes not as a tourist to see a part of the world new to him, nor even to be the centre of a display of triumphalism in mass demonstrations of Catholicism.… More

Where have all the preachers gone?

I read the other day a rather convincing argument that one of the faults in the Church today is the absence of the old time sermon. I am partly in agreement, though I don’t think anyone would like preachers to revert to the hell-fire thunderings of long ago.… More

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