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October 31, 2019

Marist Third Order
The Very Rev Father General reported to the Marist General Chapter in October that the total Third Order membership was 15,394 in 231 groups. Eight years ago there were more members, 18,226, but only 192 groups.
The present lower figures can well be due to the fact that the old rolls have now been “purged” of deceased or nominal members, but the fact remains that fewer younger members are persevering.… More

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MM 50 Years Ago

From Bishop John Rodgers SM, Bishop of Tonga

Just recently I had occasion to seek an audience with the King of Tonga who, I think, is the only reigning sovereign in the Pacific area. He is very much a king and can trace his unbroken lineage back before the Norman Conquest of England.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

As we see it ... the “giant leap for mankind”

All of us would echo the words of the Holy Father in his dedicatory inscription that was placed on the surface of the moon: “For the glory of the name of God who gives man such power, we pray and wish well for this marvellous endeavour”.… More

MM 50 Years Ago

Cardinal of the South Pacific

Our Cardinal’s welcome home in June was a triumph. His people paid a rare tribute of loyalty and love to a Father in God who despite his deep and obvious affection for them is yet reserved in manner.… More

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