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July 30, 2021

Futuna pilgrimage at last

Only a few individual pilgrims from NZ have ever visited the Shrine of St Peter Chanel on Futuna Island in the Pacific. The most celebrated was the late Archbishop Francis Redwood SM, who had to break the lock to enter the then deserted church, and the latest was Mrs Ida Corrigan, well-known to Marist missionaries, and now back at her home in Paekākāriki.… More

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Uphill struggle of Catholic magazines

The Australian Messenger of the Sacred Heart – the vital little magazine with the spiritual punch – has lately been forced by rising costs to lift its annual subscription to $2.60.

When Fr K I McGrath SM founded the Marist Messenger in 1929, it was the Australian ‘Messenger’ that he had in mind to imitate, though our “Messenger’ swiftly became a person in its own right and has continued to become even more so.… More

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A vision that will make a better world

The word ‘ecology’ has become a household word recently. It is the ‘in’ thing to combat pollution. Immense efforts are being made to purify the skies and the waters of the earth in heavily industrialised countries and to prevent pollution happening here.… More

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Pompallier College is now Launched

The new Marist College at Maunu on the outskirts of Whangarei was officially declared open by His Eminence Cardinal McKeefry during March in the presence of more than a thousand people from all over Northland. It is the first Catholic boys’ secondary school north of Auckland in modern times.… More

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