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Come and See — Really See — Jesus, and Have Life (1)(Comments Off on Come and See — Really See — Jesus, and Have Life (1))

September 30, 2017

As we follow Jesus, as it were, and those associated with Him in John’s Gospel, we encounter a recurring refrain, a refrain that extends an invitation to them, but also to us. The refrain is: "Come and see."

Sometimes that invitation is given in those words; sometimes it is implied; sometimes, rather, it is a failure to see or to see properly.… More

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“That all may have life…”

This year, on World Mission Sunday – 23 October 2016 – my hope is to reawaken in the heart of believers in New Zealand the core purpose of every Christian

How the Catholic Faith came to Pukapuka

Pukapuka is a small isolated island in the northern group of the Cook Islands.

I find the story of how the Faith came to this island especially moving because it involves some of our sisters who worked in Samoa early last century.… More

“Posada”– Seeking Lodgings

I have written before about our contact here in Brownsville, Texas, with migrant minors from Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

The latter part of this last year 2015 has seen the arrival of so many more minors between the ages of 11-17.… More

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