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The Cause of Fr Jean-Claude Colin(0)

May 31, 2021

The work of Fr Jean Coste

Fr Jean Coste SM gained his doctorate in theology at the Faculté Catholique in Lyons. In 1953 he went to Rome to begin higher studies in Scripture. He seemed set to begin a brilliant career as a biblical scholar, but in 1954, the Superior General of the Society of Mary asked him to abandon his biblical studies and devote himself to research into the sources of Marist history and spirituality.More

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Marie Françoise Perroton

Part 2 of 2

175 years ago, at the age of 49, Marie Françoise Perroton set out from Lyon to follow a missionary call to the Pacific. After a voyage of eleven months the ship finally arrived in Wallis.

Reception in Wallis

They were two days on board at Wallis before a suitable wind enabled the Arche d’Alliance to pass through the narrow reef opening to the lagoon.… More

Re-creating the Hermitage

May, 2006:  Brother Sean Sammon, Superior-General of the Marist Brothers, smiled across the table. “So there you have it, Monsieur Johan. We want you to be the architect to restore the Hermitage, our first Mother House. And not only to restore it, but to breathe new life into it.… More

The Marist Hermitage

The young priest eased himself down on to a handy outcrop of rock, relaxing after the five kilometre walk up from St. Chamond. Summertime, and the rock was pleasantly warm, inducing an easy drowse – broken by a “Morning, Father. You’re the new curate here in the parish.… More

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