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Fr Colin’s Cause — A Long and Winding Road(0)

August 31, 2020

Part 3 of 3

This article is based on the work of Fr Ronald Nissen SM in his Chronology of the Cause for Beatification of Jean-Claude Colin, and from his article in the MM in March 2018. Fr Ron writes, “I am especially grateful to Fr Gaston Lessard for his encouraging, thorough and ready assistance in producing this resource” which is online at
jeanclaudecolin.org/cause/history-of-the-cause… More

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Fr Colin’s Cause

A Long and Winding Road

Part 2 of 3


In 1910, the promotion of the Cause began again. The work that had been done under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Lyons now had to be re-done under Vatican jurisdiction.… More

Discerning Together

Paths for Marists to Walk Confidently into the Future

Part 3 of 3

Structures – international and local

There are many challenges to face so that we can walk confidently into a bright Marist future. I have spoken of a Marist as one who clearly discerns a particular vocation to hear the call of the Lord, as Mary did before us, and to share in her vocation.… More

Celebrating 90 Years  – Marist Messenger 1987 — 2019

The Editors

Michael Unverricht was the editor from 1986 until 1998. His successor was Christopher Rae (1999-2000), and he was followed by Fr Carl Telford (April 2000-2004), and Fr Brian O’Connell (2005-2013). In regard to the MM’s survival for so long, Fr Telford wrote that he believed it had continued “because it is part of Mary’s work, present in the Church, humbly focused on helping others to pray and grow in the Christ-life.… More

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