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October 31, 2015 • Category: This Month's Cover

This month's cover features the painting of the Apostle St Andrew, by El Greco.


In this month's magazine as well as our regular features, we have a thought provoking article by well-known journalist Karl du Fresne; Maria Kennedy continues her series on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit; Anne Kerrigan prepares some treats for Christmas; Joe McHugh celebrates the 1400th anniversary of St Columban; …

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Daily Reflections

  • Friday 27 November
  • Cant. Daniel 3:75-81; Daniel 7:2-14;
    Luke 21:29-33

    Praise and glorify him forever

    Within the canticle is - “Praise and glorify him forever.” May I suggest you reflect on a few experiences or incidents in your life that would prompt you to say - “Praise and glorify him forever.” It might be something profound such as a birthday. It could be a chance meeting with a …

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Christmas Cookies (0)

by Anne Kerrigan

by Anne Kerrigan

“Christmas cookies and happy hearts,

This is how the holiday starts.”
-  American proverb

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching. Christmas decorations are already in the stores and at the malls. The Christmas sales have started. In addition to the seasonal onslaught of ads and sales promotions, the Christmas cookie recipes are now appearing in magazines and newspapers. There are  recipes for …

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Generosity (0)

by Maria Kennedy

The quality of being generous – a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected.  Oxforddictionaries.com

This is a modern-day reflection on the generous widow at the temple in Luke’s gospel. As a sensible kiwi girl I have tried to find a balance between irresponsible giving on the one hand and spirit-filled generosity on the other. I have widened the meaning …

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1400th Anniversary Of The Death Of Saint Columban (0)

by Joseph McHugh

by Joseph McHugh

The greatest of the Irish missionaries who ministered on the European continent in late antiquity, Saint Columban was born in the Kingdom of Meath in 543, the year Saint Benedict died at Monte Cassino. Columban’s family was wealthy and he received a good education in the areas of grammar, rhetoric, geometry, and the Holy Scriptures. As a young man Columban was tormented …


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1 Weaponise old Mafia
boss for the decisive
victory at end of time! (10)

7 One who seeks refuge in another country for politial reasons (6)

8 Restoring vocations without sin determines book size! (6)

10 "... there is no ___ angel but Love": Loves Labours Lost, Sc II, Shakespeare (4)

11 The words of an opera or musical play (8)

13 Sounds like


Holy Spirit Still Alive in the Young (Comments Off)

By Debra Vermeer 

Fr Boni Buahendri SVD

Fr Boni Buahendri SVD

When Indonesian-born Fr Boni Buahendri SVD was assigned to Australia as a missionary priest, he dreamed of working with indigenous people in a remote location. Instead, he found himself first in parish ministry and now working in formation of young missionaries, and says he could not be happier.

“I love working with these young people,” he says, ahead …

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Jewish-Catholic Relationships  (0)

B Carney_1

by Fr Bernard Carney sm

Recently the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Committee for Interfaith Relationships invited Rabbi Fred Morgan, a senior Rabbi of the Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne, to New Zealand. He gave a series of lectures in various centres  throughout the country. The springboard for this invitation was to celebrate the fifty years since the document “Nostra Aetate” was issued by the Second Vatican …

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Climate; Migration (0)

FrancisThe Climate Issue Is A Matter Of Justice

Vatican City, 11 September 2015 (VIS) – This morning in the Clementine Hall the Holy Father met with the three hundred participants in the meeting promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, ‘Environmental justice and climate change,’ attended by major representatives of religion, politics, economic activity and scientific research in various sectors, international organisations and those involved …


Can You Bear It? (0)

Bear Laughing_cropThe Energizer bunny and Peter Cottontail got into an argument. The squabble quickly escalated until some friends needed to call the police. The two were arrested and taken to jail.

One was later charged with Battery.


Here’s a puzzle that has confounded even the brightest among us.

You are on a Horse, galloping at a constant speed.

On your right side is a sharp …


Angels in the Architecture (0)

Fr Merv Duffy sm

by Fr Merv Duffy sm

A reader asked me to expand on a sentence in a previous article “When angels appear in the architecture it is usually in a higher register.”

The Church has always been convinced that angels and saints worship God and, therefore, our liturgy is in imitation of theirs. The preface for Eucharistic Prayer II leads into the “Holy, holy” with these …

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How Green Is Francis? (0)


Fr Neil Vaney sm

Fr Neil Vaney sm

With Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si, a sea-change is sweeping in. It invites, even demands, that we all reflect on our preaching, spirituality and lifestyle. What it asks of us is that unless we accept Francis’ challenge we will be part of the culture of indifference or resignation that is gradually leading to the degradation and eventual …


New Zealand Abortion Laws Encourage Deceit (0)

du fresne

by Karl du Fresne

Mention abortion and a lot of people metaphorically block their ears and start humming loudly. At the very sight of the word in this column, some readers will probably turn the page and move on. But this is an issue that refuses to go away. It was re-ignited last week when Hillary Kieft of Stratford courageously spoke before a parliamentary select …

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Prayerful Churches in Passing (0)

Glen McCullogh

Glen McCullogh

St Martins Church

St Martins within Ludgate

For some two months touring in Europe recently, churches  became either havens of rest, buildings to inspire, surprises, or buildings to forget. We had very little free time, but did get to Mass in both St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral and the Chapel at St Saviour’s Monastery in Dublin, in St Stephen’s Cathedral in Budapest, and attended Evensong in St Paul’s, …


You are Preparing for a Marriage Not a Wedding (Comments Off)

Fr Carl Telford sm

Fr Carl Telford sm

A Letter to a Catholic engaged couple by Fr Carl Telford sm

Dear Mary and John, thank you for inviting me to be the Church’s witness at your wedding. It is a privilege to get to know you both and to see your love and energy for each other and your maturity in seeking the sacrament of matrimony. So this letter …


November Saints (0)

Saint1Blessed Josephine Vanini (1859-1911)

Blessed Josephine Vannini was born in Rome, Italy, in 1859, one of three children of Angelo and Annunziata Papi Vannini. The family, devout and happy, faced tragedy between 1863 and 1866 when both parents died. The children were separated, and Josephine was given to the care of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul. Inspired by these religious, Josephine …

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Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Faithfulness (Comments Off)

by Maria Kennedy

by Maria Kennedy

True to one’s words, promises or vows; steady in allegianceDictionary.com

Roger has the gift of faith which he shares with his grandson Matthew. For Matthew’s faith to grow, he needs a practical demonstration. The Holy Spirit’s gift to Matthew lies in the timely appearance of Matthew’s Nana.

It seemed to Matthew that Grandad Roger was always reading the paper. Barbara, …

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Mary for Today – Mary and the Image of God (III) (0)

by Br Kieran Fenn FMS

by Br Kieran Fenn FMS

Scholasticism vs. Popular Piety:

Medieval Europe saw extensive growth in popular devotion along with some more learned thinking about Mary. Yet by the sixteenth century her figure had taken on attributes of divinity, this time taken not from the ancient goddess but from the Christian Trinity itself. The Protestant Reformation was rightly critical of this development and Catholic reformers sought …