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A School for Prayer (15) – Lectio Divina

Subiaco – St Benedict Chartreuse – Guigo the Carthusian By Fr Craig Larkin SM, 1943 – 2015 FROM EAST TO WEST John Cassian Our study of the experience of prayer has kept us in the Eastern part of the Christian world: the Desert regions of Egypt, Palestine, Sinai and Syria. There were hermits living in […]

Monday 25 June

TWELTH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME 2 Kings 17;5-8,13-15,18 ,Psalm 60, Matthew 7:1-5 Here it comes again How often does Jesus condemn judgemental language? I haven’t counted, but as a lover of the gospels, I keep tripping over it. It’s not a comfortable teaching. Jesus says it in many ways and with strong language, which is […]

Friday 22 June

2 Kings 11:1-4,9-18,20, Psalm 132, Matthew 6:19-23 What is our Treasure? Jesus uses familiar objects and events to represent spiritual conditions that are beyond words. He is not concerned with politics, with rules and regulations, but with deepest truth. We could say that his teachings are all for the growth of the soul. So what […]

Tuesday 12 June

1 Kings 17: 7-16, Psalm 4, Matthew 5: 13-16 Inner light In Judaism, it is said that the soul is a spark of God, and it’s our task on this earth to fan that spark into a flame. These verses from Matthew tell us that Jesus, the great fire of God, said much the same […]

Wednesday 6 June

ST MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT 2 Timothy 1:1-3,6-12, Psalm 123, Mark 12:18-27 Life after life The Pharisees believed in the continuation of the soul. The Sadducees did not. Here, we see another trick question from the second-to-largest group of Jewish teachers. The enquiry is based on ignorance and Jesus is quick to deal with it. His insights […]

Monday 4 June

NINTH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME 2 Peter 1: 2-7, Psalm 91, Mark 12: 1-12 Internal Conflict Parables are like shawls. They adapt to individuals. This gospel reading reminds me of the ongoing conflict between selfishness and selflessness. There are two movements. The ego demands everything for me-me-me, while that spark of God in us wants […]

Friday 25 May

James 5:9-12; Psalm 103; Mark 10:1-12 Compassion and love Living together can be difficult. James reminds us not to complain about each other and Jesus is questioned about the human situation of marriage breakdown. Perhaps our best hope is shown in the psalm: “my soul, give thanks to the Lord … and never forget his […]

Tuesday 13 March

ANNIVERSARY OF ELECTION OF POPE FRANCIS Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12; Psalm 46:2-3,5-6, 8-9; John 5:1-3, 5-16 This water comes from the sanctuary Ezekiel’s vision of the water flowing in abundance from the Temple Sanctuary along the parched Arabah Valley to the sea, invigorating plant and animal-life as it flowed, is an image of God’s presence, abundance, […]

Saturday 10 February

MEMORIAL OF ST. SCHOLASTICA 1 Kings 12:26-32, 13:33-34; Psalm 106; Mark 8:1-10 God alone nourishes Israel has been divided between Jeroboam and Rehoboam. The tribes under Jeroboam sink deeper and deeper into idolatry, forsaking God for golden calves. Jesus’ miracle puts before us the question: Is it easier to say that God will nourish God’s […]

Thursday 16 November

Wisdom 7:22-8:1; Psalm 119; Luke 17:20-25 A mirror of God’s majesty The author of the Book of Wisdom, in today’s reading, seems almost to be describing the soul of God! Rather, though, he speaks of God’s love and light and insight, lighting up the good person. Here is the shining and radiant hope offered us. […]