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Society of Mary Final Professions and Ordinations

Four men took perpetual vows as members of the Society of Mary at a ceremony in Rome on 2 October 2021. They are, from left to right, Jaime Martinez Perez (Mexico), Yves Beranger Tuma (Cameroon), Cameron Mota (Papua New Guinea), and Iosefo Amuri (Fiji).  The photo was taken at the shrine of Fourvière in Lyons, […]

Friday 1 October

St Therese of the Child Jesus (M) Baruch 1:15-22; Psalm 79; Luke 10:13-16 The wonder of prayer St Therese gives us a most beautiful description of prayer: “Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned towards heaven, a cry of recognition and love, embracing both trial and joy.” Here is […]

St John of the Cross

The Living Flame of Love Part 3 of 5 The next major work of St John of the Cross and his last, is called The Living Flame of Love, a poem, only twenty-four lines long, and his commentary. It tells the story of the fulfilment of love, the spiritual marriage, the final transformation by God. […]

The Empty Chair Exercise

rom Sadhana, A  Way to God, 1978 By Fr Anthony de Mello SJ (1931-1987) I developed this exercise as a result of hearing the story of a priest who went to visit a patient in his home. He noticed an empty chair at the patient’s bedside and asked what it was doing there. The patient […]

Tuesday 27 July

Exodus 33:7-11, 34:5-9, 28, Psalm 103, Matthew 13:36-43 A model for prayer Moses’ encounters with God and his ongoing intercession for his people are inspirational. He speaks with God as with a friend, intimately, authentically, honestly and face to face, yet never diminishes his recognition of the unfathomable glory of God. We hear that God […]

Monday 5 July

Genesis 28:10-22, Psalm 91, Matthew 9:18-26 Deep sharing in prayer Jacob encountered God in a dream which transformed his life. God became not just the God of his family, but personal to him. Grace touched Jacob and though his response reveals his manipulative character, God perseveres in a healing relationship with him. In Matthew, the […]

Staying Both Anchored and Nimble

Watching young people at play or at sports’ training, reminds me of times past when I could run, jump, kick a footy, bowl a reasonable leg-break and hit a fair forehand – not all at once of course! The athletic flexibility of young people is a joyful gift and I often pray for them that […]

Wednesday 19 May

Acts 20:28-38: Psalm 68; John 17:11-19 The power of prayer Remember the catechism answer to “What is Prayer? Prayer is the raising up of the mind and heart to God.” There are many ways of praying, from formal prayer to wordless contemplation in the presence of God. We can pray together or we can pray […]

On praying with the Scriptures

On praying with the Scriptures The words of Sacred Scripture were not written to remain imprisoned on papyrus, parchment or paper, but to be received by a person who prays, making them blossom in his or her heart. The Word of God goes to the heart. The Catechism affirms that: “prayer should accompany the reading […]

The Pulse Prayer

Once, during a retreat, a person I was accompanying plonked himself in the chair opposite me and exclaimed, with some degree of frustration, “I can’t pray!” “Do you want to pray?” I asked. “Of course,” he replied. “Do you know why you want to?” I enquired. This brought some time of silence and quiet reflection. […]