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MM 50 Years Ago

A Candle Meditation A candle at the celebration of Mass burns toward God. We are like these candles and must allow God to light the wick of our souls so that we may be consumed and transformed into the warmth of the flame that soars to God. In our world which by the fall of […]

God’s Gift of Flowers

Flowers are used for many occasions. Gold and white flowers and complementary greenery were used in an Easter floral arrangement in our St Patrick’s Te Awamutu church, celebrating the glory of the risen Lord, Jesus. The flowers were a glorious display radiating light, colour and beauty. The arrangement was symmetrical, balanced, yet free-flowing, a credit […]

The Mind of Christ the Mass and You – Part 2 of 2

Contact with the Mind of Christ What do we need then to ensure that the power of the Mass to transform our minds is in fact efficacious? An intense, constantly renewed desire that Christ’s mind should become our mind, a willingness to seek this, together with a recognition that we depend more on his grace […]

The Mind of Christ, the Mass and You – Part 1 of 2

An approach to deepen our participation Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus Philippians 2:5 In that scripture text we find expressed the drive towards the fullness of life of the Christian; what growth in the Christian life seeks to achieve. In this article I want to look at our challenge […]

Wednesday 29 May

Acts 17:15, 22-18:1; Psalm 148; John 16:12-15 Understanding Jesus comforts his listeners, assuring us of the genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit. He will speak God's words and truths. This is similar to a conference when sign language is used. The translator signs the exact message being spoken to listeners. He signs the words of […]

In My Prison Ministry There Are No Criminals

I have not been more passionate about any other ministry in my many years working in five countries than this walking with unaccompanied minors, aged 11 to 17, from Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador and now, Nicaragua. I am surprised what swirls up from deep within me and only recently have I gained a clue as to […]

Friday 2 November

All Souls’ Day Psalms and Readings for each Mass are selected from the Lectionary. Day of intercession This is a powerful day of intercession for the Church. We, the living, have the duty to remember that those who died are placed firmly in the hands of God. Those gentle hands of Mercy are enough to […]

A Note on Fr François Delachienne

Fr Christopher Martin’s article on Fr Delach in the June Marist Messenger was most interesting, as he is not well enough known in New Zealand. I knew him when I was a young schoolboy in France, and he knew my family, often talking about his time in New Zealand, which he always remembered with fondness […]

‘My Lord and my God’

For the Israelites of the Old Testament, blood meant life. We can understand that easily enough — if our blood pours out, we die. So for the Israelites, blood was more than a symbol of life, it actually meant life. And the same blood splashed on two people joined them together in the same life.

Monday 11 July

St Benedict Isaiah 1:11-17; Ps 50; Matthew 10:34-11:1 Giving my best Where does my loyalty lie? Sometimes we really are put to the test. It might be a simple choice between going to Mass or staying in bed for the morning. In big things and little, we are put to the test again and again. […]