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Tuesday 14 August

St Maxmillian Kolbe Ezekiel 2:8-3:4; Psalm 119B; Matthew 18:1-5, 10-14 Akahoa he iti he pounamu – although small, a treasure Too many of our children live in poverty. Too many of our young people commit suicide. Too many of our girls and boys are sexually abused. Too many fail at school. Jesus says to us […]

Saturday 11 August

Habakkuk 1:12-2:4; Psalm 9; Matthew 17:14-20 “You have little faith” The disciples had followed Jesus for a while. They knew him. They listened to him. They saw him as their leader, as the one who could save them and the world. He told them the purpose of his life was to show them how to […]

Monday 30 July

Jeremiah 13:1-11; Canticle Deuteronomy 32:18-21; Matthew 13:31-35 Change my heart O God We can see another example of Jesus' familiarity with his environment when he took a plant growing in his area as a simile of the Kingdom of Heaven. The tiny seed of the species of mustard in the Middle East can develop into […]

Sunday 29 July

SEVENTEENTH WEEK ORDINARY TIME 2 Kings 4:42-44; Psalm 145; Ephesians 4:1-6; John 6:1-15 Live worthy of your calling Paul's call to the people of Ephesus and to us to live worthy of our vocation rings so loudly because he was being held prisoner for his faithfulness to his calling. So many persons in our world […]

Saturday 28 July

Jeremiah 7:1-11; Psalm 84; Matthew 13:24-30 We wait for the Lord In Matthew's gospel we see Jesus' familiarity with the details of agriculture in the surrounding countryside. Darnel is a noxious weed, the seed of which is similar to that of wheat. Planted together the shoots would become intertwined and only distinguishable above ground. Who […]

Wednesday 25 July

St James, Apostle 2 Corinthians 4:7-15; Psalm 126; Matthew 20:20-28 You are My disciple What a wonderful example of how to deal with difficult people Jesus gives us today in Matthew's gospel! When the sons of Zebedee wanting preferential treatment, get their mother to ask on their behalf, Jesus calls them to himself. He brings […]

Tuesday 24 July

Micah 7:14-15, 18-20; Psalm 85; Matthew 12:46-50 Who is my neighbour? Today we are standing outside with Mary and some of the disciples listening to Jesus preach and heal. When his attention is drawn to our presence, he stretches his hands and embraces us as his family, his next-of-kin, if we are doing what God […]

Sunday 22 July

SIXTEENTH WEEK ORDINARY TIME Jeremiah 23:1-6; Psalm 23; Ephesians 2:13-18; Mark 6:30-34 I am with you How well we can relate to the story in today’s gospel reading. After an action-filled day, like the apostles, we come in the evening to tell Jesus all we have been doing. Aware of our weariness, Jesus invites us […]

Saturday 21 July

Micah 2:1-5; Psalm 13; Matthew 12:14-21 Jesus is the fulfilment of the prophets The Pharisees had been watching, listening and finding fault with all that Jesus had to say. However his going to the synagogue and healing a physically handicapped man on the sabbath was a step too far and they began to plot against […]

Friday 20 July

Isaiah 38:1-6, 21-22,7-8; Canticle Isaiah 38:10, 11,12a-d, 16; Matthew 12:1-8 Mercy not sacrifice Today we see Jesus showing understanding and compassion for his disciples who are hungry. However the Pharisees could not stop themselves from applying the letter of the law and finding fault. Jesus reminded his followers that they should be motivated by mercy […]