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Remembering Our Dead

Holy Mass is celebrated each month by the editor for those whose names who occur in this list. To add a name, write to the editor. Each name is published for three years, after which the name must be re-submitted. Please, no more than three names at a time.

Recently Deceased:

Sr Margaret Jennings RSM, Fr Benedicto Vicario SM, Pat O’Neil, Kevin Dowling, Kevin McEvoy, Fr Damian Marinus SSCC, Gerard Hoskins, Sr Patricia Kraus DOLC

In Memoriam:

February 1st Alma Mary Frame, Kevin O’Connor, Bernadette Baird, Patrick James Clegg, Joan Moynihan, 2nd Kieran Patrick O'Connor, Peter George Kelly, Daniel Martin Taylor, 3rd Robert J Oliver, Michael J Hartstonge, Savio Cordeiro, Maria Bell, Betty Knight , Monsignor D Price, Fr George Head SM, 4th Doreen Williams, Richard Shirley, 5th Donald Stanley Samson, Dorothy F Coupe, 6th John Patrick Murphy, 7th Raewyn Smit, Brian Cornelius Stewart, 8th Joseph O’Neill, 9th Terence Pereira, 10th Emanuele Tovia, Pat Dimmick, 11th Paul G Conroy, Owen McGarvey, Nancy Koopmanschap, Edward Henry, 13th Olavo Fonseca, 14th Fr Patrick Cahill, 15th Sarah Jane Howat, 16th Bernard Davis, Wim Vaessen, 17th Nancy Joyce Nevin, 18th Molly Shirley, 19th Monica Faulkner, Fr Terence O’Neill SM, Chris Ward, Norman Clayson, 20th Margaret Smith, 21st Adele Patricia Ryan, 22nd Bernadette Mohekey, 23rd Hubertus Yark, John Eyre Kelly, Gordon O’Sullivan, 25th Peter Robertson, Patricia Mary Butler, 26th Maris Augusta Clark, 27th John McLoughlin, Fr Michael O’Meeghan SM, 28th Vic Clark, Wilfrid Taylor, Mark McRae, 29th Darcy John Walsh, Teresa Czochanska

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