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Remembering Our Dead

Holy Mass is celebrated each month by the editor for those whose names occur in this list. To add a name, write to the editor. Each name is published for 3 years, after which the name must be re-submitted. Please, 3 names maximum at a time.

Recently Deceased:

Beverly Anne Elliott, Dan Cullinane, Josephine McHugh, Mary Garvey, Michael Walker, Fr Myles Moriarty SM, Clare Owen, Frits Bergman, Fr Fergus Reeves, Maymie Laidlaw

In Memoriam:

April 1st Con O'Leary, Hunter O’Brien, Joseph Romillus (Rom) Pereira, Renato Lobo, Olive Roberts, 2nd Frederick James Rodgers, Winifred Hunt, 3rd Bridget Pereira, 5th Angela Turner, 6th Margaret Mary (May) Power, George Dunning, Maurice Fitzpatrick, Jenny Paul, Paul A Cowan, 7th Doug J Cook, Josie Walker, Kevin John Cole, Margaret Minogue, 9th Glenn Turner, Silone Talia’uli, 11th Mary Kennedy, 12th James A Quigg, Helen Mary Kujala, Reginald Baird, 13th Paul Glasgow, Anna Redwood, 14th Jimmy Petricevich, Peter Frederick Bowers, Hector James Egan, Emma Washer-Hartley, 15th Eva Moran, Thomas Paul Roberts, Uanita (Nita) Houltham, 16th Margaret Mary Alder, Dawn Cavanagh, Fiona Waters, 17th Rita Frances Quigg, George Michael Kelly, 18th Frances Dropulich, Mary Kathleen McQuilkin, Ian McMullin, 19th Philippa Joan Mary Geaney, Theo Schintz, 20th James Brian Kendrick, Mary Howell, 21st Kevin John Heerdegen, Barbara Yvonne Grogan, 22nd Sr Sharon Margaret Fitzgerald, 23rd Denise Maria Karam, 24th Marie Odell, Maeve Boomert, 25th Margaret Vaughan, Daphne Harmer, Gwen Smart, 26th Gabrielle P Cassin, William Crosbie, 27th Erys Noeline Gavin, 28th Eileen Robertson, 29th Margaret Burke, 30th Margaret Ann Jones, Amelia Franich

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