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Remembering Our Dead

Holy Mass is celebrated each month by the editor for those whose names occur in this list. To add a name, write to the editor. Each name is published for 3 years, after which the name must be re-submitted. Please, 3 names maximum at a time.

Recently Deceased:

David Stuart, Fr Roland Lacasse SM, Catherine Lagan, Fr Michael O’Dea, Sr Mary Boyes RSM, Carol Sinnott, Eileen Romanos, Carlene Clarke, Lena Swan, Jennifer Rowell, Papa Koekoe Mokotupu, Po’o Ta’i, Tony Waikari, Brian Bennett, Rosaleen Davin, Mary Ingram

In Memoriam:

July 1st Ian Henry, Colleen Chandrahasen, Mary Head, Josephine M G van Gessel, Garry Martin, Mary Instone, Fay Far, 2nd Devon Hern, 3rd Desmond Fonseca, Brian Terence O’Rourke, Ruth Margaret Portland, 4th Glenda Anne Connell, 6th John Francis Stevenson, Peter Grofski, 7th John Dropulich, Ngaire Brown, Margaret McDonald, 8th Wade Andrew Penney, Matthew Peter Franich, Rosemary Chong, John Walsh, Betty Mae Butler, 10th Frank Casey, Leslie O’Donoghue, Marama Martin, Maureen Callander, 11th Maurice Francis Andrew, 12th Bill Howat, Marion Watson, Phyllis O’Hara, Autun Lozica, 14th Joan Flynn, Colleen Kathleen Fraser, 16th Margaret Honnan, Barry John Linton, Robert (Bob) McHardy, 17th Maurice Haley, Marie Josephine Crosbie, 18th Beryl Shannon, Bernie O’Connor, 19th Mary Wimpory, Thomas Wildermoth, 20th Kathleen McCann, Joy Kennedy, 21st Evelyn Linton, 22nd Thomas William Lewis, William Prior, 23rd Eileen Prendergast, Valda Martin, Kevin Collett, 24th Kathleen Mary Cowen, William O’Brien, Fr Robert Lee SM, Fr John Mori SM, 25th Jules De Souza, Louisa Rodrigues, Fr Maurice Patrick O’Connor, 26th Brian Prangley, Fr Peter Walsh SM, 27th Rachael Eileen Bruce, James Duffy, Freda Reggers, Beth Waters, 28th Richard Anthony Nevin, 29th Eric Grofski, 30th Agnes Wrigley, Fr Chris Skick, Tony Warren, Max Fitzgibbon, 31st Ernest Widmer, Ria Van Woerkom, Shaun Chapman, Fr Kevin O’Donoghue SM

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