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Remembering Our Dead

Holy Mass is celebrated each month by the editor for those whose names are listed on this page. To add a name, write to the editor. Each name is published for 3 years, after which the name must be re-submitted. Please, 3 names maximum at a time.

Recently Deceased:

Brian Eccleton, Thierry Canaple, Fr Crescente Manso SM, Elizabeth (Betty) Williams, Fr Giuseppe Maccarini SM, Br Brian Wanden FMS, Fr Liam Forde SM, Fr Falani Terry SM, June Ward, Sr Enid Lagan RSM, Kevin Williams, Margaret Perera, Fr Paul Loubaresse SM, Joan Hoare, Fr Paul Noblet SM, Fr Bernard Bourtot SM, William James Kedzlie, Patricia Kane, Fr Nicholas Hoogeveen

In Memoriam:

June 1st Sister Mary Loretto DOLC, Terence Bamford, 2nd Paul Carroll, Michael Petricevich, 3rd Stephen McErlain, Corazon Owen, Joy Verna McKinnon, 4th Valerie Woods, Shirley Furkert Smith, 5th Helen McGann, Joan Murray, Stephen Hardiman, 6th Norine Euphemia Peters, Una K Phillips, 7th Frances Marion Carver, Neil Bradnam, 8th Frank Green, Myra Hogan, Patricia Woods, Margaret Cassin, Sister Christina Williams DOLC, 10th Bill Phillips, Mary Imelda Wallis, Jim Pridgeon, 11th Emmet Maloney, Sister Jane Williams DOLC, Cassie Devlin, Margaret Lamont,
12th Sister Mary Justin Walsh DOLC, 14th Noelene Mary Manning, Leo Maher, 15th Denise Anne Rundlett, 16th Margaret Garvey, 17th Lesley Hollings, Conrad Junge, 18th Dennis Charles Treland, 19th Bridget Mary Troy, Terence Paul Crispin, Norrie Montague, Sr Christine Lowther RNDM, 20th Dorothy Treacy, 21st Catherine Leahey, 22nd Patty Seeto, Pauline Cullen Grubi, Ngaio Tyler, 23rd Stella Cordeiro, 27th Lottie Clark, Grahame Flowers, 28th Raymond Poskitt, Brian Casey, Bob Callander, Sr Margaret Therese Kerins SM, 29th Annie Mackie, Margaret May Walsh, Margaret Loftus Ranald, 30th Simon McGill, Euclid Da Gama, Mary Graham, Mark O’Connor, Patrick Sweeney

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