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Thursday 5 August(0)

August 5, 2021

Numbers 20:1-13; Psalm 95;
Matthew 16:13-23

Who do you say I am?

Our lives move along -- already we are in August! We share a life of faith and even this personal area of our living moves along. The disciples with Jesus were moving along as well, arriving in the scenic area of Caesarea Philippi.… More

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Wednesday 4 August

St John Vianney (M)

Numbers 13: 1-2, 25-14:1, 26-29, 34-35; Psalm 106; Matthew 15: 21-28

Let your desire be granted

Unfortunately, we have been educated to mistrust our desires. In fact, there remain some spiritualities that see the negation of desire has being essential.… More

Tuesday 3 August

St Dominic (M)

Numbers 12:1-13; Psalm 51;
Matthew 14: 22-36

Courage, it is me

Some days and nights we can feel as if we are battling a head-wind. Often sleep can be disturbed or it might be that we are waking around 3am, and unable to sleep beyond.… More

Monday 2 August

Numbers 11:4-15; Psalm 81; Matthew 14:13-21

Give them something to eat

Our faith lives in actions rather than in ideas. We are called to trust that, even though we might consider our resources limited, God will bring about good from our efforts.… More

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