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Thursday 23 May(0)

May 23, 2019

Acts 15:7-21; Psalm 96; John 15:9-1 1

Aroha mai, Aroha atu -- Love, Love

Love, given and received, is mentioned in the readings which are building towards Christ's passion. We need Christ as the vine, for life and sustenance. Christ needs us - the branches - to be his voice and his hands.… More

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Wednesday 22 May

Acts 15: 1-6; Psalm 122; John 15:1-8

Fruitful love

Jesus prepares to leave his disciples, and he feels great pity for them. Like us sometimes, they cannot understand the spiritual aspects of life. Jesus again used nature to illustrate his teaching.… More

Tuesday 21 May

Acts 14: 19-28; Psalm 145; John 14:27-31

My peace I give

Love and peace will rule. In the first reading, the apostles have begun to spread the word to the gentiles. The Jewish hierarchy is jealous and violent. So, the message is taken to those willing to listen.… More

Monday 20 May

Acts 14:5- 18; Psalm 115; John 14:21-26

Active love

The ten commandments are our Maker's instructions for a happy, healthy community. But Jesus' commands ask us to go further. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the sick. These are positive acts, not merely don't do this or that.… More

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