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Monday 1 April

Week 4 of Lent

Isaiah 65:17-21; Psalm 30; John 4:43-54

Faith is about trust

How can we ever hear the word Cana and not remember the water and wine, this first sign of God’s care. So once again we are in Cana and more of God’s care is shown. A court official who is really more deeply a dad than a dignitary wants healing for his son, he won’t be put off. Life has taught him to be determined about what matters. He trusts the bare words of Jesus, “Go home. Your son lives.” These words from Jesus are all that he needs. He declares faith in Jesus with each step he makes towards home. What are some of the places that have become ‘Cana’ for us, places where God’s care has been shown to us? Are we able to allow our faith in God to be really about trust?

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