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Saturday 22 June

ST JOHN FISHER AND ST THOMAS MORE, MARTYRS 2 Corinthians 12:1-10; Psalm 34; Matthew 6:24-34 God’s providence The two English martyrs, Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, both put their commitment to their faith ahead of the preservation of their lives. They died because they rejected the desires of King Henry Vlll for them to […]

Saturday 1 June

ST JUSTIN, MARTYR Acts 18:23-28; Psalm 47; John 16:23-28 The Spirit of Truth St Justin was a martyr of the second century who wrote extensively in defence of the faith. I wonder what questions of faith he would be writing about today? There seem to be so many issues that confront our life of faith. […]

Saturday 25 May

Acts 16: 1-10; Psalm 100; John 15: 18-21 Ridicule At times people will be scornful of our beliefs. They may seem to persecute us, when they indicate we are so old-fashioned; that we have out-of-date ideas about truth and morals. But they could be resentful because our lives and morals are a rebuke to their […]

Thursday 9 May

Acts 8:26-40; Psalm 66; John 6:44-51 Body and blood We live and love our way here on earth. The puzzle is that if our faith is a gift from God, why do we have to try so hard to love God and our neighbour. We love God. We want others to know and love him […]

Saturday 27 April

Acts 4:13-21; Psalm 118; Mark 16:9-15 Living faith One of the most consistent responses that Mark wants us to notice is the initial lack of belief. Today’s gospel revises the lack of belief from those who only heard about Jesus being alive again. Maybe what is implied here is that it simply is not good […]

Saturday 13 April

Ezekiel 37:21-28; Canticle of Jeremiah: 31:10-13; John 11:45-57 Better for one man to die … Sadly, there is often much to undermine our faith in Jesus. We believe in him in an environment that is indifferent, and at times actually antagonistic, to having faith in God. The gospel reminds us of the energy needed for […]

Friday 5 April

Wisdom 2:1, 12-22; Psalm 34; John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30 I know him because I have come from him… During these Lenten days we are reminded about who we are. Our faith in God grounds us, and the more we know what is seeded within, the more we can resist pressures that really end up diminishing […]

Monday 1 April

Week 4 of Lent Isaiah 65:17-21; Psalm 30; John 4:43-54 Faith is about trust How can we ever hear the word Cana and not remember the water and wine, this first sign of God’s care. So once again we are in Cana and more of God’s care is shown. A court official who is really […]

Friday 22 March

Genesis 37:3-4, 12-13, 17-28; Psalm 105; Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46 Good stewards The phrase ‘use it or loose it’ can pertain not just to our health, but also to our faith. If we don’t actively live our faith, it can wither and die. The evil servants tending the vineyard lost their respect for the master and […]

Monday 18 March

1 Peter 4:7-11; Psalm 96; Luke 5:1-11 Feast of St Patrick The feast of St Patrick is transferred from yesterday to today. We can communicate our faith in a variety of ways. For some it is by quiet example and faithfulness, for others it is through words and acts of service. St Patrick was a […]