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Friday 6 December

Saint Nicholas, Bishop

Is 29:17-24, Ps 26:1-4, 13-14, Matthew 9:27-31

Talking the walk

We Christians, especially we Catholics, seem to prefer to be witnesses of Christ by our actions and by our example, rather than by our words. In social gatherings we avoid the subject of religion. But are our actions, however praise-worthy, sufficient? Shouldn’t we who, like the two blind men, have experienced the power of Jesus in our lives, be a little more courageous and forthright in telling others about the joys and consolations of our lives of faith as followers of Jesus? “It is in that way that faith comes, from hearing …” (Romans 10:17).

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  1. Thank you for the Talking the walk intro to today's reading. I for one, maybe because of my personal life circumstances, am hungry for more discussion of the Word in small groups in the Catholic Church. I regularily attend Bible Study with friends from Protestant groups. They appear to have accessto good study guide material. Guess I should inquire at Diosesis centre. Happy Christmas.

  2. Kath makes a very good point, the study of scripture and what God is trying to tell us needs a lot more emphasis and understanding by the Catholic church if we are going to grow as fulfilled humans in our world. Regular ongoing bible study groups within our parishes would be very helpful to our parishioners to help them understand scripture.

    Blessed Mother was asked at Medjugorje what can we do to be saved? Her reply was make my son number one in your lives. When asked how to do this her reply was to read every daily his teachings of life in scripture.