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Border-Crossing Missionaries

This year people in Tonga are celebrating 150 years since the arrival of the first women religious or Sisters. Challenges to missionary endeavour Tongan historian, Sione Latukefu writes: “Seldom has there been such rapid and effective indoctrination of a people than that achieved by Wesleyan Methodist missionaries in Tonga from the 1820s.” Given the hostile […]

Monday 3 September

Pope St Gregory the Great 1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Psalm 119 H; Luke 4:16-30 Relying on God’s power Gregory is a good example of someone who relied on God’s power. He could have had a comfortable, easy life but he felt called to make a difference in the world. He founded monasteries and then became a […]

Thursday 25 May

Acts 18:1-8; Psalm 98; John 16:16-20 To the ends of the earth In today's reading we see Paul finding it difficult to convince the Jews and Greeks in Corinth that the Messiah they were expecting was Jesus – the person who had been crucified and rose from the dead in Jerusalem. In frustration, we see […]

Māori and the Marists (2)

The MM is grateful to Archifacts, the magazine of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand (ARANZ), to Theresa Graham, ARANZ president, and to Ken Scadden, for permission to reprint this article. Lettres Reçues d’Océanie Letters Received from Oceania In 2009 a series of 1,365 letters written in French by the early Marist missionaries […]

Wednesday 27 May

St Augustine of Canterbury Ecclesiasticus 36:1, 4-5, 10-17, Ps. 79, Mark 10:32-45 Service “Anyone who wants to be first among you must be slave to all. For the Son of Man himself did not come to be served but to serve” (Mark 10:44-45). Parents serve, teachers serve, parking wardens, cooks, and fruit pickers serve, posties […]

Thursday 7 May

Acts 15:7-21, Ps. 96, John 15:9-11 God’s love and commandments God purifies anyone’s heart by faith through the grace of the Lord Jesus. Through missionaries in our neighbourhood and among the nations God’s marvellous deeds are made known. Keeping God’s commandments will enable us to remain in God’s love; joining in the celebration of the […]

Friday 5 December

Isaiah 29:17-24, Psalm 27, Matt. 9:27-31 Lift up your hearts The theme continues – trust in God, have faith that Jesus IS God. The small frustrations in life are minor, compared to others’ woes. Whether we are missionaries among strangers, police, students, service workers or retired, each of us has a daily pattern of duties. […]

Inspiration From Our Pioneer Pacific Missionaries

A project I’m working on at the moment involves reading through the letters that the early Marist missionaries in the Pacific sent back to France between 1838 and 1854. These have been collected into 10 Volumes and published in French under the title “Lettres Reçues d’ Océanie”. There are 1373 of these letters, and they […]

Missions at Home and Abroad

October is traditionally a month focussed on the foreign missions. The command to spread the ‘Good News’ came from the Lord himself, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”  Matthew 28:19. This is where the Church takes its mandate from. Many courageous men and women set out in response to this invitation. St. Augustine […]